Inside SentiOne

SentiOne – on the road to perfection!

The project will last until the end of 2017 and its total value is nearly 3.5 million PLN. Within the 36 months, together with the scientific staff of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Informatics we will work on optimisation of the methods of obtaining data from the Internet and social media.

Millions of posts are uploaded each day and they are analysed by our algorithms. Refining the technology will allow us to understand what is being said and draw conclusions more accurate than ever before – Michał Brzezicki, SentiOne co-founder explains. Within the project, we will also improve our database – results are to be archived, which will improve the analysis of historical data.

We will focus on the implementation of research results to solve real business problems. Thanks to the development and implementation of new technologies we will shorten the indexing time and raise the accuracy of the automatic sentiment evaluation. This will improve our competitiveness in the social media listening tools market and allow our customers to more accurately observe their image on the Internet – Bartosz Baziński, SentiOne’s CTO adds.

The project is scientifically lead by the Dean of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, Krzysztof Goczyła. The members of the research team are Wojciech Waloszek, PhD; MSc. Eng. Bartosz Baziński and MSc. Eng. Michał Brzezicki.

Our cooperation with the Technical University of Gdańsk is expected to increase the knowledge about the amount and structure of data published on the web and to allow researching public opinion through real time content analysis.