Inside SentiOne

NEW SentiOne FEATURE ALERT: Make no room for haters! Change your fortune with just one click!

Let’s say you are already using SentiOne. You try your best to listen to your audience’s needs and address them right away, but something goes wrong somehow and one of your clients speaks ill of your brand on the Internet. You get notification from SentiOne, of course. But what’s next?

We are proud to present a new SentiOne functionality that we’ve been working on for quite a while. With Sentiment Modulator Implementing Lead Engagement you are able to change the tone of mention straight from our tool by replacing bad news with good ones. You can not only react to what already have happened, but change the actual course of events!

What you get?

  • Your brand’s name remains unsullied.
  • You keep your audience engaged and loyal at almost no cost (or their knowledge).
  • You wipe out any negative mentions to avoid the escalation of the issue.
  • You make the Internet a nicer place.
  • Your reputation shines like a diamond with your fans’ worship.
  • You are able to avoid any speculations of publishing fake news with hardly any effort.

How does it work?

Sentiment Modulator is an extremely sophisticated technology designed so you wouldn’t have to break a sweat changing your client’s mind about anything. You simply go the Mentions panel at your SentiOne account, filter mentions with negative sentiment and click the Sentiment Modulator button in the upper right corner. And just like that – no harm, no foul.

It works with plain text.

And applies to images.

Whew, dodged a bullet!

Besides, it actually works both ways! Are you fond of the saying there’s no such thing as bad press? You can use Sentiment Modulator the other way around. If you’ve become fed up with your fans adoration, you can always switch a few positive mentions into negative ones. Just like that, you are finally able to shed a tear over your unbearable fame.

Or you can simply deSMILE someone’s happy face if it seems fishy to you. You are the puppet master now!

Sentiment Modulator simply changes whatever you want in reality. And isn’t that nice? Haters are not gonna hate anymore. The Internet becomes a place where you feel safe and get only constructive criticism. You no longer depend on what people say but you become the architect of your own fortune.

Got excited? Yeah, we thought you could use a Sentiment Modulator Implementing Lead Engagement!