Customer Service Automation

Improve your customer service with AI chatbots and voicebots

New generation of conversational bots that will augment your omnichannel contact centre

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Ensure customer satisfaction using intelligent bots

  • Augment your customer support with AI
  • Provide omnichannel innovative support
  • Improve customer service effectiveness
  • Provide instant 24/7 customer support
  • Automate repetitive processes with bots
  • Gain competitive advantage

Combine AI with human expertise for customer service excellence

customer service automation software

Customer Service Automation

Automate up to 70% of repetitive processes. Be there for your clients 24/7 and support their needs in all communication channels to build strong customer relationships.

conversational ai service

Conversational AI

Our conversational bots are based on industry-agnostic NLP engine that has around 97% of intention recognition accuracy. They understand free speech, not just predefined phrases. This way your clients actually get things done in no time.

ai agent assistant customer care

AI Agent Assistant

Optimise your social customer care with the help of virtual AI Assistant that can understand client’s issues and provide suggested answers based on deep learning analysis.

ai chatbots solution

AI Chatbots

Address the needs of your clients who expect your support on messenger apps, on-site chats, emails, and all text communication channels. Using AI-powered agents, not just dummy rule-based automation, you will gain competitive advantage that your brand deserves.

omnichannel voicebots tool

Omnichannel Voicebots

Whether it’s voice-activated chat or automated call center virtual agent, your clients can speak freely and the voicebot will instantly address their needs.

intuitive bot builder

Intuitive Bot-Building Interface

Build your own AI-powered bot using user-friendly NLP engine customisable for every industry and process. Set it up on every communication channel to provide the best possible client support. No tech team needed!

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Build a chatbot that will enhance your customer retention

  • Conversational Process Automation
  • Text-channel Chatbots
  • Multi-channel Voice Bots
  • Natural Language Understanding Engine
  • Natural Language Generation Engine
  • Support for many Languages
  • Self-improving System
  • Automated Issue Resolution
  • Redirecting to Human Agents
  • AI Answer Suggestions
  • Proactive AI Customer Service
  • Internal Knowledge Streamline
  • Quality Service Level Reports
chatbot guide ebook cover

Chatbot guide

Read our guide and get actionable insights for implementing chatbots in your business.