Social Media Analysis

Get in-depth market understanding with online data analytics tool

From social media analysis and marketing segmentation to competitive intelligence

social media analytics dashboard

Create a winning business strategy based on insightful statistics

  • Get instant audience insights
  • Check campaign performance
  • Run competitor intelligence
  • Monitor brand sentiment
  • Improve brand communication
  • Predict industry trends

Dive deeper into instant data analysis to make better decisions

sentiment analysis tool

Sentiment Analysis

Catch on to emotions associated with your brand thanks to automated text analysis based on proprietary NLP algorithms giving the best results in the market.

audience statistics online analytics

Audience Statistics

Optimise your brand communication efforts knowing the basic truths (like top channels, geologaction, gender, reach, influence potential) about your potential customers.

competitor analysis competitive intelligence

Competitor Analysis

Set benchmarks for your industry by comparing your brand results with others.

Comparative Research

See the results of many different products, brands, channels, or markets compared on one chart to see the similarities and differences and make informed decisions.

customisable charts social media analytics software

Customisable Charts

Discover advanced business analytics and reporting by setting different time slots, sources, data ranges on your customisable widgets.

share analytics dashboards

Shared Results

Keep everyone in the loop thanks to online shareable dashboards and automated reports.

social media analytics dashboard online monitoring analytics brand health index

Reach valuable social media data with just a few clicks

  • Mentions in Time Chart
  • Gender Recognition
  • Geolocation Map
  • Brand Health Index
  • Reach Estimation
  • Influencer Search
  • Influence Score
  • Top Sources
  • Top Channels
  • Top Mentions
  • Image Gallery
  • Top Hours of the Day
  • Top Days of the Week
  • Interactive Charts
  • Widget Personalisation
  • Data Exports
  • Multimarket Statistics
  • Industry Benchmarks
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