bot Integrations

Easy integration with leading communication channels, CRMs and contact center platforms to plug conversational AI across organization.


Connect with customers wherever they are

Automate customer communication on all leading channels. SentiOne Automate platform can integrate with all major social media channels, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, webchats, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.


Integrate SentiOne Automate with WhatsApp for Business. A WhatsApp bot provides customers with a real-time automated conversational experience directly on the messaging app.


Integrate SentiOne Automate with Facebook Messenger to make it easier for followers and potential customers to reach you. Answer FAQ, collect leads and service your customers on the biggest social media.


Automatically resolve Twitter Direct Messages and answer customer questions through conversational AI chatbot to offer 24/7 support on Twitter.


Connect your chatbot to Telegram using Telegram Bot API. Automate customer communication on the fastest growing messaging app.

Microsoft Teams

Make your bot available to users in Microsoft Teams so you, your teammates, and the broader organization can interact with it.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business bot can help employees with a variety of tasks more quickly and efficiently such as identifying people in the database, searching internal directory, etc.


Connect SentiOne Automate with any webchat through rest API services or use dedicated, fully customizable webchat widget provided by SentiOne.


Automate call center with SentiOne Voice Gateway. Integrate voicebots with a public or private telephone network by using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

We are constantly adding new integrations. Missing channel of your preference? Our team will add it for you.

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Data Sources

Easy bot integrations with existing CRMs

Bots, just like customer agents, need to access the right tools and knowledge center to service customers effectively. SentiOne Automate platform can easily connect with any rest API web services, including leading CRM platforms: Salesforce, Servicenow, Zoho CRM, Hubspot, etc.


Connecting Hubspot CRM and SentiOne Automate increases the capabilities of your chatbot by facilitating the transfer of data and information between the two tools.


Connecting Pipedrive CRM and SentiOne Automate allows you to transfer data, customer information and deal status between Pipedrive and your chatbot.


SentiOne Automate allows you to integrate with Salesforce by passing the Leads you generate with your chatbot to your Salesforce account.


Integrate SentiOne Automate chatbot with ServiceNow to answer employee questions and improve the efficiency of HR and IT helpdesk over time.

Zoho CRM

Chatbot integration with Zoho CRM lets you create new leads inside Zoho CRM straight from your website chat assistant or chat automation.


Easily connect your SentiOne Automate chatbot to the most popular Oracle applications and allow your virtual agents to access Oracle database.

Google Maps

Integrate SentiOne Automate with Google Maps to unlock geolocalization features. Allow voicebots and chatbots to navigate customers to your store, branch or services.

We are constantly adding new integrations. More coming soon...

Let’s discuss how we can integrate conversational AI into your operations

Agent connectors

Conversational AI platform designed for customer service

With SentiOne Automate as your systems integrator, you can eliminate the complexities of working with multi‑vendor platform contact center solutions. We can work with your existing infrastructure or with a new implementation—so your customers get the self‑service experience they deserve.

SentiOne Automate platform can easily connect with major contact center platforms like Genesys or Avaya.

Alternatively, we can provide you with our own proprietary omnichannel customer service interface - SentiOne React.

Let’s discuss how we can integrate conversational AI into your operations

Omnichannel automation

Seamless connectivity across platforms

Offer automated and human‑assisted engagement on your customers’ channel of choice, including webchats, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message, WhatsApp, mobile apps and call centers.

Customers Messenger WhatsApp Twitter Thousands ofother public websources Webchat Phone Any othercustomer text orvoice channel Database of all conversations Database of all conversations Connected through endpoints to voice and text channels Natural language understanding engine Natural language understanding engine NLP pipeline: language, instents, entities, sentiment, smart tags, etc. Dialog Manager Defines flow of conditions and actions (send user messages,invoke external systems or redirect to human agent) Third-party integrations Third-party integrations Rest API integration framework CRM Userauthorization Marketingautomation Other internalsystem Agent handover Engagement console Bot analytics Dashboards and conversations Customer Service Business users Customers Database of all conversations Natural language understanding engine Dialog Manager Third-party integrations CRM User authorization Marketing automation Other internal system

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