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Ask me anything you want to know about Brexit

Meet FAQ Brexit Chatbot. Looking for a comment, fact or a specific document? Ask here, Brexit Chatbot is scanning official documents and government sources for accurate answers.

Designed to answer most burning questions: Is UK better off after Brexit; how to apply for settlement status?

Built and developed by SentiOne - European leader in conversational AI bots, developing proprietary AI models since 2011

Focused on truth and facts. Scanning official documents and government sources for accurate answers.

Powered by AI and natural language processing algorithms. Please keep in mind that this bot is still in the process of learning.

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Brexit Bot running on award‑winning conversational AI platform

Low code / no-code solution with 94% intent recognition accuracy.

Enterprise-level bots in: English, German, Arabic, Polish, Italian, French, Dutch

Flexible deployment Cloud or on-premise

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