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New SentiOne feature: Insights

SentiOne’s new feature will speed up brand sentiment monitoring and help reign in image crises

The Polish company SentiOne recently launched a new feature — SentiOne Insights. It’s the first feature of its kind in the internet monitoring industry — it allows users to instantly generate a quick summary of critical information about a designated brand for a given period. This will speed up the work of marketers and make it easier to control, for example, an image crisis. To test the new feature, SentiOne checked which fashion brands enjoyed the highest Brand Health Index during the last month. 

SentiOne is a Polish company that provides AI-powered internet monitoring and customer service automation solutions for brands. Recently, its flagship social listening platform, Listen, has been bolstered by a new feature — Insights. Those who don’t have the time or need to review extensive, elaborate analytics can now quickly generate a summary of the most essential monitoring information, which will give an instant overview of the sentiment around a brand and compare current metrics to previous ones. This is the first solution of its kind and a significant convenience for customers in the market for internet monitoring tools.

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Time is of the essence in communication and marketing activities, and companies are expected to react increasingly quickly. That's why we offer a solution that saves time, providing a summary of the most relevant indicators immediately. This tool will be perfect, for example, during an image crisis. Thanks to peak analysis, we can find out what caused the crisis and its scale. We can check whether the conversations were concentrated in one place or scattered across different platforms. Of course, more extensive analysis is still available.

Wojciech Łuszczynski Head of Marketing


Insights include information on the Brand Health Index of the monitored brand (that is, the reciprocal number of positive and negative mentions of the brand, and trend analysis — for instance, a breakdown of the most popular hashtags. Discussion peak analysis is also available. SentiOne’s algorithms automatically detect the days with the highest number of mentions in the indicated period and prepare a quick summary, including the number of statements, where they came from, and links to the most popular posts or articles.

ZARA with the highest Brand Health Index among fashion brands

As part of its testing of the new feature, SentiOne checked the metrics of various fashion companies and how they performed over the past month. The hashtags used in conversations about the fashion industry that are currently increasing in popularity are “#ootd” (Outfit of the Day), #hm, and #fashionista. However, the popularity of the hashtags “#fashion”, “#style”, and “#shopmycloset” is falling.

The list of fashion brands with the highest Brand Health Index included mostly companies with their own stores, with Zara taking the first place. It was followed by Adidas, Zalando, Mango, Levi’s, Nike, and ASOS. The top ten is rounded out by H&M, Shein, and Victoria’s Secret.

In terms of the number of mentions, the highest position among those listed is occupied by Nike (66.5 thousand), Victoria’s Secret (44.9 thousand), and Adidas (42.9 thousand). 

The new analysis will help reign in image crises

The new functionality helps understand which activities are causing the most engagement and heated discussions among the brand’s audience, to get an idea of which topics are important to them at any given time, and how the community perceives changes made in the brand’s communications. The Insights feature is now available to all customers in all 23 languages supported by SeniOne and allows analysis over a period of 7 to 30 days. Its capabilities will be expanded to analyze more indicators and other time intervals in the coming months.