Advanced NLU

Train NLU algorithms with ease

Power your customer conversations with NLU that achieves up to 94% accuracy in intent recognition

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Tune NLU models to improve bot's performance

  • Use our industry-specific intelligence to build superior bots that understand your customers
  • NLU models that understand the brand, service, and industry-specific terms
  • NLU algorithms built on 30 billions of customer conversations
  • Datasets powered by online listening data which allows for extreme accuracy in intent reconition

Self-learning bots powered by market leading NLU

AI models built on 30 billions of conversations

Thanks to the background in social listening, SentiOne has access to over 42M online conversations every day. That allows to build datasets with spoken language, synonyms and natural expressions.

Prioprietary deep learning algorithms

SentiOne AI Research team creates proprietary natural language processing technology, linguistic corpora and new neural network architectures. As a result, our NLU achieves high accuracy in intent reocgnition across industries

94% intent recognition accuracy

Out-of-the-box market-leading intent recognition accuracy thanks to a NLU engine pre-trained with 30+ billions of online conversations.

Add your training data to the SentiOne platform

Boost chatbot performance by adding first party data to your NLU model: historical data, customer conversation transcripts and training scenarios.

Training analytics

As the NLU engine can continuously learn, the user can verify the current performance of the model at any time. NLU verification through cross-validation or evaluating against test dataset.

Built-in ready entities

Save time by using common built-in entities in SentiOne platform: name, surname, email, country, phone number, organization, etc. We use both machine learning and customizable rule-based entity extraction


Leader in NLU and intent detection technology

  • Intent recognition
  • Prioprietary Natural Language Understanding models
  • Training dataset
  • Built-in and customizable AI based and rule-based entities
  • NLU analytics
  • NLU industry models
  • NLU training mode
  • NLU training queue
  • Constant NLU training
  • NLU cross-validation
  • Effective natural language processing models
  • Market leading NLP algorithm

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