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Generate reports quickly and effortlessly

  • Ready-to-use automated templates
  • Unlimited reports generated in a few seconds, offered in every SentiOne plan
  • Various file formats, including PDF, PPTX, and Keynote
  • Quick and accurate online data analysis
  • Direct access to reports from your inbox
  • Regular reports sent to you at a chosen time of the day
  • Report customization, including logo, comments, and slides

Four ready-to-use templates – all you have to do is choose the right one

Brand Awareness 2.0

Our most popular, fully-customizable report that lets you uncover what people say about your brand online. Get a quick summary of any chosen topic – your brand, competitors, or online trends. Your report will include key metrics such as sentiment analysis, mentions overview, reach, and more. Decide which information to display, including top authors, reach, summary, top days and hours, reach in time, and top hashtags. Everything will be nicely visualised on charts and graphs.

Comparative Report

The perfect template for analysing two polarising topics, such as presidential candidates or key market rivals. Select several projects and run a comparative analysis. Create benchmarks to find out who had better online reach, social media engagement, and the most positive sentiment.

Results Report

A deep dive into your clients' sentiment levels. Based on all the brand mentions online, you'll receive a qualitative analysis of what customer love and hate about you. All so you can improve your services and brand image.

AI Analysis

Uncover what AI can reveal about your brand image. We use eight machine learning algorithms to analyze emotions like joy and anger, semantic categories such as opinions and sales leads, and spot any potential brand crises.

Download reports in PDF or PowerPoint

Automated reports can be accessed as standard PDF or PowerpPoint and adjusted to your needs. You can edit slides and graphs, add comments, compare results – whatever you need!

Get periodic or one-off reports

You can access online listening data as a one-off report or set up periodic reports to be delivered directly to your inbox every day, week or month!

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Make sense of what people say about you online

  • 4 ready-to-use templates
  • Full customization
  • 3 years of historical data
  • Periodic reports automatically sent by email daily, weekly or monthly
  • One-time generated reports
  • Downloadable in PDF or PPTX
  • Data selection for analysis (all mentions, articles only, mentions with specific tag)
  • List of example mentions (most popular, newest or tagged)
  • Descriptions in English, Spanish, German, Polish, Czech or Hungarian
  • Customizable date formats on charts
  • Custom logo
  • Custom report title
  • Mentions in time
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