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Focus on the customer

25 key tactics for customer lifecycle marketing

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How does your business benefit from lifecycle marketing?

Gaining loyal customers should spiral from traffic generation to nurturing advocacy and back again.
Learn how to carefully track each step of your customer journey and watch your business grow.

  • Awareness
  • Acquisition
  • Engagement
  • Sales
  • Retention

Focus on the customer
25 key tactics for customer lifecycle marketing

Why building client relationships is so important to your business

You’ve probably asked yourself more than once – what makes people choose specific brands? It’s the comforting stability that goes with routine, sure, but marketing research shows there’s more to that. We stick to our picks because of the whole lot the companies do to persuade us – from strategic marketing to customer service and CSR.

If you are one of these companies, it’s quite possible you’ve tried walking in your client’s shoes on the “customer journey” or pushed your audience/leads/customers through the magic sales funnel. All these AIDA/journey/funnel techniques are being exploited by companies all over the world but do marketers and salespeople ask themselves what’s next? What’s at the end of the client’s journey? Forget about this client and try to hook another one? After all, you’ve been through?

The examples of cutting-edge brands show that it’s all about building long-term relationships. In the simple words, the trick is not only to meet new people but to keep them as friends. Nothing new here. You’ve also probably heard already that you need to show your human-self as a brand to acquire customers’ trust. Provide such an experience for your potential client that they will not only purchase but come back again and again.

To put words into actions and meet your business objectives, you should create a very detailed strategy. Make sure you focus on the customer at each stage of the lifecycle:

  1. Define the right audience (AWARENESS)
  2. Grab their attention (ACQUISITION)
  3. Get to know each other better (ENGAGEMENT)
  4. Provide the best shopping experience (SALES)
  5. Show that you are thankful and trustworthy (RETENTION)
  6. Repeat!

Therefore, if you provide all actions that help you find new clients and look after them simultaneously, your company’s growth will spiral.

In this guide, you will read about the practical approach to customer lifecycle marketing. You will learn key tactics and get the experts’ advice on how to:

  • Consider the entire journey strategically.
  • Measure your performance.
  • Approach customers at each stage of the cycle.
  • Build your experience in handling leads and clients.
  • Optimise your ROI through the joint efforts of the entire company.