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Intelligent social listening platform

Monitor online discussions that matter to your brand. By finding truly relevant insights with AI-based online listening and data analysis engine, you can fully manage your online brand image.

  • Analyse online sentiment
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Prevent social media crises
  • Discover new sales opportunities
  • Explore the value of audience insights
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Ogilvy and Mather work with SentiOne for several clients in 15 markets of the CEE region. SentiOne is a partner to reach our goals and answer important questions about the brands that we work with.

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never miss a mention or customer trend

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Multichannel platform appreciated by clients and authorities

SentiOne NLU engine intent recognition accuracy



Conversational AI shaping the future of customer service

Handle up to 70% of customer requests by conversational bots and provide instant reaction time.

  • AI chatbots & voicebots
  • Customer service automation
  • Intuitive bot-building interface
  • Natural Language Understanding engine
  • On-premise and Cloud solutions
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Number 1 in intent recognition in the world

Featured on Papers with Code and the Association for the Advancement of AI as the best natural language processing engine with an accuracy score of 94%.

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The main goals for our voicebot were customer service after call center working hours and providing automated service for repetitive requests. The overall objective was to deliver high-quality customer service 24/7. We are very pleased with the implementation carried out by SentiOne, the quality of their technology and the final results achieved by VoiceBot that was tailored to our needs.

Let’s build bots that people want to talk to!

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