AI-powered online monitoring

A comprehensive social listening package utilizing cutting edge intent and sentiment analysis algorithms.
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Social Listening

Access millions of online sources through a single interface. Collect Facebook posts, Tweets, YouTube comments, and more!

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Online data analytics

Effortlessly perform advanced analytics on large sets of online mentions. Who are your best clients, and where do they congregate? What makes customers prefer you over your competitors? It’s all a couple of clicks away.

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Discover unlimited possibilities to grow your business

Automated reports

Receive daily, weekly and monthly updates on every important topic. Never miss an important online phenomenon.

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Crisis Prevention

Sudden spike in mentions? Negative comments about your brand gaining traction? A bad review from an influencer? With our crisis detection features, you’ll be instantly notified at the first warning signs of a PR crisis, giving you the chance to get the situation under control before it escalates.

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