Inside SentiOne

Foreign languages analysts in SentiOne

Our reach has grown a lot recently and so did the SentiOne team – over 10 new people have joined us during the last couple of weeks. We are more than happy to introduce some of them.

From top left, clockwise: Ildiko, Kristina, Edvin, Daniel, Mirella, Tatiana, Hanna and Martyna.

Ildiko and Edvin are both from Hungary – Ildiko has joined as an analyst and Edvin is responsible for our business development on Hungarian market. Kristina is the one to analyse Lithuanian data, Daniel has come to SentiOne from Greece, Tatiana has been working in Poland before and now she’s our Romanian language analyst. Mirella, Hanna and Martyna are Polish and they will be responsible for analysing data – in that order – in Bulgarian, Danish and German.