Inside SentiOne

Respond directly from the tool, measure and automate – SentiOne product update

On behalf of SentiOne Team, I would like to share what’s new in our platform. If you like to test features that are not available on your account, contact us!

  1. Engagement summary widget
  2. Instant response
  3. Better real-time overview and service reporting
  4. A brand new platform for customer service automation.

Engagement summary widget

Now we can compare engagement between sources – you can see which channel generates more traction!

It summarizes engagement data of your current project – so it tells you how many likes/shares/comments were generated by the content you monitor.

Instant response

Reacting to mentions from different sources just became much easier – with a built-in Reply module you can engage with your audience from one tool!

After you respond, mentions will be automatically labelled as “Replied”- this way you can be sure that you won’t reply to the same mention more than once!

Better real-time customer service overview and reporting

it’s crucial to understand what’s going on in your team – from performance, traffic to resource availability, efficiency and response time.

New indicators in the supervisor panel will help you with real-time resources management, both team’s and agents’ performance:

Supervisor panel will also help you in managing incoming traffic, as well as services which are already assigned to your agents.

Have you already set up your SentiOne’s platform for responding?

Now it is time to Automate!

We’ve just released an updated version of our chatbot platform. It focuses on three main areas:
1. Our NLU engines (natural language understanding) may be customised and retrained.
2. Bot administrator can update bot’s flow.
3. Bots can be integrated with external systems (like CRMs etc. ).

Sounds simple, right? Our new platform can support you with: entities, parameters creation and recognition (dates, names, addresses), quick-replies, etc.

Probably the most powerful platform to prepare bots that automate customer service – an all-in-one integration with your system in a secured infrastructure! 🙂

Please note that all the features above are part of the Enterprise offer. Would you like to learn more? Contact your Account Manager and ask for a customised demo.