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Start monitoring your LinkedIn page with SentiOne

We are proud to announce that we have finalised another channel integration – LinkedIn is now available on our Omnichannel Customer Service Platform. Because of this, you can not only monitor all of your brand’s profile mentions but also reply to them and engage with your audience. Uncover all benefits of LinkedIn as a channel – reaching out to prospective clients, building your employer branding or headhunting for new talent – all from the familiar and comfortable SentiOne interface.

LinkedIn is easily the number one social networking site for businesses and professionals. While Facebook and Twitter may get the majority of popular attention, they simply do not offer the same business building opportunities as LinkedIn. However, many companies fail to take full advantage of this channel to generate rewarding leads, connect with their audience, or build a credible brand. That’s a real shame, because with the right technology and tools LinkedIn makes business outreach easy and effective. 

So, if you have yet to tap into the full potential of LinkedIn as a channel, now is the time to look at a few ways SentiOne can help you build your business and market your brand.


SentiOne’s social media listening feature allows you to monitor posts and comments that appear on your LinkedIn wall. This channel generates up to 50% of reach (especially in the B2B sector!) so it is crucial that you have your business profile integrated and authorised in your monitoring tool. Track all activity on your profile and compare reach, engagement and performance of your updates – alongside posts on other channels! 


Simply monitoring the activity is not enough! That is why we have enabled our response functionality on LinkedIn as well. Whenever someone mentions your company name on your wall, we will show it on our dashboard (alongside mentions from other channels!). You just need to hit the reply button and engage with the conversation! The main benefit of our platform is that it is omnichannel – just log to SentiOne where all comments, mentions and messages that are relevant to your business are stored in one place. No need to log in into every social media tool to manage all of your conversations or reply to all of your posts. Whether someone posts a Facebook comment about the recent event that you have attended, or asks about your HR practices on LinkedIn – you can manage and reply to all of them in no time. 

How to unlock the new features

Interested in trying it out? If you are a current SentiOne Enterprise client you can enable the new feature by yourself right away! Just follow these simple steps and you’re good to go! 

  1. Go to the Accounts module in the SentiOne app and connect your LinkedIn account.
  2. Set up a new project (Go to the Advanced Project Creator and select “new rule: LinkedIn authorised profile”)
  3. (Optional) Add a project to the routing table so it gets assigned to the appropriate team when any new activity occurs

If you encounter any problems with the new features – let us know through chat. 

If you are new to SentiOne and would like to try it out – get in touch with us and we will help you with your customer service automation on all of the key channels (such as Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Reviews, livechat, online forms and others).