Beauty on the web. What are top online trends?

Korean cosmetics, colorful masks, and natural ingredients – these are the most discussed topics in cosmetics-related online discussions. How do we know that?

We’ve prepared an extensive report on the cosmetics industry in Europe, with an indication of Face Care products. We’ve analysed public statements posted on the internet in a few chosen European languages. Why?

More and more often, while approaching the store shelf in the drugstore, we think: “They test on animals – not an option”, “This one’s out, because they use microgranules”, “Is this vegan product for sure?”. While only a few years ago, only the brand, price and generally understood “quality” to an average consumer, today we pay attention to many more factors. How big is the scale? How do different markets compare? Our report answers these questions, while verifying the popularity of brands and the factors important to European internet users.

Face Care on the web

In our in-depth beauty market analysis, we paid particular attention to the Face Care segment. Until a few years ago, communication and products dedicated to face care were mainly focused on mature consumers. Nowadays, brands more and more eagerily reach for an increasing group of younger customers, and the product offer is growing in line with various forms. New specifics appear on the market, and consumers often look for very precise compositions, applications and innovative products.

What is important and noticeable at first glance, hot discussions about the cosmetics are taking place on the internet. What’s more, it mostly happens outside the official brands’ channels. What do the internet users talk about? Monitoring forums, blogs and other online communication channels brings many insights. Online listening is the easiest way to find out what motivates the internet users to buy, what are the market trends, what are they looking for and what they criticize, which brands are being praised or which campaigns have aroused the most intense emotions.

The report was created on the basis of 2,475,182 online mentions published on the web in the first quarter of 2018.

Which brands are the most popular in Europe? Why did the internet users most often comment face masks, which have become one of the most popular trends of recent months? What did the customers pay special attention to? Which communication channels are the most effective from the perspective of producers? Which campaigns received the best reviews?

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