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Building and maintaining a strong online presence is crucial to capture the most engaged beauty consumers.”

- Karen Grant, global beauty industry analyst

Face masks are winning 38% of all online conversations

which makes them the most popular products in the face care category. What other products are people talking about on social media?

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Face gadgets gained 89% rise of discussions intensity

and so became the new black in the first quarter of 2018. What made the specific beauty products become loved by thousands?

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DIY cosmetics had 55% of online discussion growth

which shows the great power of online communities in the beauty industry. The internet is the first source of information among beauty audience today.

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  • What are the current and emerging trends in face care products?
  • Who are the most important beauty influencers online?
  • Which sources are the most popular for your brand communication?
  • And much, much more…

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