Qualitative analysis – how to increase revenue? Discover the value of SentiOne customised reports.

Consumer opinions, which were communicated by word of mouth in the past, significantly influence purchasing decisions of other people in the online world nowadays.

Forbes quotes very valuable conclusions for marketers on it’s website, which result from research concerning brand online reputation. There can be found such statistics in the article as listed below.

  •      90% of consumers read online opinions before visiting a business.
  •      84% of people trust online reviews.
  •      Internet users’ opinions published on review websites impact around 68%  
     purchasing intentions.
  •      There is risk of losing 22% revenue, when potential clients see one negative  
      statement about your company on the first page of their search results.
  •      In case of two unflattering articles, a business risks losing 44% of its customers.
  •      If there are three negative articles related to your brand, the risk reaches 59,2%.

Taking above insights into consideration, the following thesis can be formulated: if you do not control what people say about you on the Internet, you do not control your revenue as well. What’s more, you don’t do it in an increasingly wider range, because there are more and more people and different opinions every day.

The latest international research shows that the trend of getting inspired by Internet users’ opinions is gaining steam.

It might be imputed us that research used by Forbes was not conducted this year. Can the conclusions be out of date? Quite the opposite! Recent reports prepared by PwC or Deloitte point out that the number of people having the Internet increases from-year-to-year and the trend of online opinions being taken into consideration while doing shopping becomes even more common.

The possibilities of Internet monitoring are endless, experts come up with more and more ideas related to practical embracing social listening tools every day. One of the most popular and most effective forms of checking online reviews are qualitative reports. Using the ones created by our analyst team, you can learn how your brand is perceived on the Internet and also who is speaking about it as well as, where and how it is being spoken.

Bearing in mind earlier mentioned data on Forbes columns, it can be assumed that basing a company’s strategy on valuable insights from the Internet brings measurable economic results to businesses. Qualitative analysis of mentions published on the Internet is much cheaper than focus research, what is more – it provides many reliable conclusions which allow to understand the customers’ needs.

What reports can you find at SentiOne?

Every time, before accepting an order concerning qualitative analysis, the analytical department prepares detailed brief for the clients. We would like our report to be a real answer for needs of the  one who places the order and fully suit his or her assumption.

It’s worth emphasizing that we are always open to unconventional analysis, because there are as many purposes of Internet monitoring as ideas for using online data.

Below you can get to know main fields and issues which we work on while preparing online data research for our clients.


Analysis of brand awareness is nothing else but audit of business reputation. If you haven’t checked yet how a brand or service is perceived on the Internet, this report is guaranteed to present the complete picture of the situation.

You can learn from data included in the report: what emotions are expressed while mentioning a brand, how many statements and articles were published during the analysed period, what channels are the most popular sources for the mentions and which gender is more active during the discussion.

Comparison of data and conclusions allow you to plan objectives for the next period, check social buzz and reach of conducted communication. The report is a perfect summary of a year, a quarter or a month. It’s also an excellent tool used to measure effects of the work of agencies and communication departments or check what is done until a given time (for people starting new job).


Having knowledge about the current situation of your market competitors, you can successfully analyse tendencies ruling in the whole industry. The report comparing competitors enables you to determine the benchmark, to get to know the leader of the market – number of mentions, ambassadors, channels and reach of communication. This quantitative data could be a comparative standard for all aspiring to be industry leaders.

The reports inform you especially about: who the biggest player on the market is as well as how the communication looks like on the local or global market, which channels and language are used by your competition, which brand reaches the widest audience (estimations related to number of views). Moreover, there are marketing activities of competition analysed, including brand ambassadors, opinion leaders, and conducted campaigns.

Compilation concerning any information about your business rivals let you learn perspectives and dangers, in other words, it can protect you against making mistakes.The reports are an appropriate solution before planned changes in company, campaign implementation and summary of a year, and planning new objectives for next quarters.


Spontaneous and succinct Internet users’ opinions published on review websites, and not only there, are a very valuable source of information for producers. While analysing the content, our analysts inform client in the reports what products’ features are the most important ones for users, what properties of products / services should be like to be well perceived and consequently, willingly purchased.

Product features analysis allow us to establish what exactly consumers are seeking on shop shelves, what properties should describe bought goods in order to satisfy its’ buyers and most of all, what should be avoided while producing a new product.

This kind of report is ordered by brands’ representatives who are aware of more and more increasing consumers’ expectations and awareness relevant to that which they buy and what for.


Incompetent use of the dormant potential on the web can lead to critical situation and bring real financial losses to businesses. Summary of potentially critical comments in form of a report can protect you against reputation and economic disaster.

Qualitative analysis of discussion, problems’ description and the location of sources of negative opinions allow us to prepare appropriate communication as well as plan necessary steps.

In our reports, you can also find reach analysis of unflattering mentions which can influence your positive image and information concerning their spreading. Analysts, basing on comparisons, describe conclusions related to the impact which these statements can cause on Internet users’ perception.


The report gives you an opportunity to learn which trends are the most popular ones and which trends are likely to happen. Analysts, taking into consideration Internet users’ comments, prepare description of this what is going to be desirable and what has already been forgotten by your target group.

Basing on complete picture of the market situation, analysts are able to show the latest trends and their influence related to the whole industry. In our reports, you can find clues on what you should include in your sales offer in specific period and recommendations in regard to best opinion leaders for your products or services in context of trends you are interested in.


As a new player, or quite the opposite – an experienced one, you should be aware of which direction is chosen by your industry and what has changed in the last years.

The report combines elements of competition summary and trends analysis. It shows what Internet users are looking for as well as what problems are most popular in a specific sector.

Market and industry overview is totally indispensable in the case of launching a new brand or new product.


Influencer means opinion leader; it’s a person who is very popular and is often asked to publish some expert and substantial statements on their online profiles. Views spread by such a person should reach a considerable number of Internet users’ reactions – what is very profitable from a business perspective. It’s a huge chance for a big marketing success for many companies.

Who are the leaders of opinions for specific brand? It’s worth highlighting that the majority of them are just consumers and cooperating with them up increases communication effectiveness of the company.

SentiOne estimates the reach of a brand, number of interactions, and sentiment of statements, then it introduces you to the opinion leaders who matter in a specific topic. Analysts identify key people for your brand and present them in sources division: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.


How a certain marketing campaign is perceived by Internet users? How many opinions have they published on the web? The report concerning campaign assessment helps to measure its efficiency, access to target group, and accomplishment of all expectations.

Besides quantitative summary, you can also find exemplary mentions there. The report answers if the campaign has brought appropriate results as well as how they did influence reputation of a brand and its popularity.


The sales departments see potential of Internet monitoring in searching phrases which would express purchase intentions. The report points at sources where sales leads occur.

Our analysts locate specific websites where Internet users ask about tips and clues related to services and products. People working on such reports also verify in what way your workers or your competition react to such questions and favors.

Good selling strategy built on social listening reports as well as correctly run online activity can bring more potential clients than other promotional actions.

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