Inside SentiOne

AI engine detecting sudden changes and more news from SentiOne!

As always, happy to share recent product changes in SentiOne. In Q3 we managed to deliver three great solutions, that will help you speed up your data understanding.

New in SentiOne:

  • Brand Health Index
  • Anomalies recognition
  • New PDF Reports

Brand Health Index

We’ve developed a brand new widget available in every dashboard – a simplified brand online performance gauge. It shows you how your topic is perceived online, and thus gives you simple information about the average internet user opinion. Basically, it is positive to negative mentions ratio so it’s very simple, yet can occur very useful in keeping a positive brand image on the web and tracking potential crises. You can use it as a first instance to check the overall performance of your brand or your competitors.

Go to your Analysis module, click “Customise”, add new widget from the Sentiment category and choose Brand Health. When you click, it will be automatically added to the bottom of your dashboard. And remember to steer clear from the red zone!


Every morning our system calculates the number of mentions from the previous day for every project and compares it with the averages (based on model). This way it can easily spot any suspicious peaks in data. Thanks to that you don’t have to review mentions for each project every day – we will simply let you know when we find an anomaly for a brand, one of your competitors, or industry that you monitor.

Our algorithm is constantly learning. For daily anomalies we analyse all data from the last six months for each project, so we have a lot of records to spot even small aberrations. It will be easier for Analysts and Researchers to analyse trends and do qualitative data summaries. You get the simple signal and dig into data if need be.

When anomaly appears:

  1. You will be informed with an in-app notification.
  2. A new anomaly will appear on the top of the list of recently found anomalies. If you click on it, you can see more details.
  3. If you have a daily summary alert set for a particular project, you will get the information about new anomaly at the top of the email so you don’t miss it.

Want to use anomalies functionality for your brand protection? No problem. We can inform you within one hour if something interesting is happening and that we found a potentially viral post. Contact us so we can provide a custom offer for your brand.



New PDF reports

Last but definitely not least. Past quarter we redesigned our PDF reports so they provide you with clear answers and insights. Check your new possibilities to get the data summarised periodically with just a few clicks!

You have a few new options available here:

  1. Brand Awareness report – to discover how your brand is perceived online,
  2. Comparative report – to compare industries, competitors, or projects,
  3. Article overview – to check your presence on the web apart from social media (portals, blogs, forums),
  4. Standard – a quick overview of results for one of your project.

Coming soon!

Also, let me share with you some top-secret news. At SentiOne, we are working on the new product that will make it possible to automate customer service with AI to the fullest (not only social media but voice and chat channels as well). We have experts on board who are super fluent in NLP technologies and machine learning so our product is the new black of chatbots. They really can understand real people and our intentions. So the future of customer service is now. Become one of the early adopters of this cutting-edge tech! Contact our sales.

Other than that nothing much has changed – we will continue to deliver value to our clients.