102nd idea for use of online listening – Black Friday can last a whole year!

In my opinion, there are as many ways of using social listening as one can come up with. Today we present quite an opportunity for promotion hunters – from Scotland to Germany!

Internet monitoring can be a great saving tool.

Imagine that you are looking for the best discounts and the cheapest articles online. You google it … and you are just finding sponsored mentions, not always in line with your expectations. Newsletters, banners and wasted half an hour for searching what you really do not need. Lately, best place to hide your skeletons is not your closet but page two of SERP. Still, you have failed to find a decent promo digging through 10 .

Setting up a good project – with advanced configuration – can embrace all the promotions you need or only just the selected ones. You receive a notification about promotions for selected articles via email (critical alerts) and you can go back to watching Netflix peacefully. You will not miss anything that was published online. Meanwhile, the project that catches promotions can be configured like this:

We will receive over 2 205 512 mentions from the last 30 days.

“What are you looking for?” is not always the right question when you are in shopping fever.

However, in social media listening, it is worth narrowing down your interests, so that from 2205512  you can choose the most valuable mentions for yourself.

You can specify the query mentioned above as well, by adding:

AND iPhone

AND Zalando

or AND McDonald’s

I could go on for ages but I will stop here since you know better what your needs are!

Where do we look for, discuss and (most importantly) publish promo codes?

The most popular with mentioning discounts in 2018 are Instagram, Twitter, Portals, Facebook and Video portals.

An interesting fact is that we usually discuss online discounts on Fridays:

As you can see on the chart, we probably hunt offline on the weekends. There are fewer mentions about coupons then.

What tips can we get? For example:

They say – you can find everything on the internet. That’s a proof – discounts from events to accessories!

Meanwhile, we also have a promotion!

Because of the Black Friday weekend, you can catch a chosen SentiOne plan almost 40% cheaper yearly or 20% monthly!