Inside SentiOne

2022: a SentiOne Summary

What a year! 2022 was a year filled with challenges. We faced them all head on and we’re not slowing down by any means! Before we tell you about every exciting thing we have planned for 2023, however, we feel it is important to take a step back and reflect on what we have accomplished. In this brief blog post, we’ll shortly describe our most important milestones of 2022.

SentiOne Automate: new features, new opportunities

Let’s start with Automate, our customer service automation solution. It certainly saw its share of changes and improvements! 

To begin with, we decided to capitalise on those capabilities our customers know and love. We introduced several enhancements to the bot creation process, such as the Block Search — our users can now easily locate any element of the bot’s design. Need to fix a typo buried somewhere within a complex bot? Now it’s easier than ever.

That’s not the only thing we have to offer to those among our customers who like to push the boundaries of bot design. Bulk actions make it easier than ever to manage large and complex designs. Need to run every automated test scenario in succession? Remove several phrases from the NLU engine at once? Bulk actions make it possible. 

Speaking of NLU engines — SentiOne now boasts dedicated NLU engines for Arabic, German, and Italian. This makes it even easier to build multilingual bots than before, to say nothing of our 94% intent recognition accuracy.

Next, our bot integrations. SentiOne Automate now comes with its own web chat integration, allowing users to easily deploy bots to websites. We also introduced our WhatsApp integration, powered by Twilio. It allows our bots to run directly on the platform — with full handoff support.

Additionally, we introduced several features aimed at making Automate even friendlier to the end user. First of all, Automate now comes with its own built-in voice gateway, which reduces our customers’ dependence on external vendors. Our interactive debug mode will help our users easily track, understand and fix any errors that may occur. Finally, we introduced a data export feature which lets users use conversation transcripts as training data for other Automate bots or in external tools.

SentiOne Listen: breaking new ground

Listen also had an incredibly busy year. 2022 marked ten years since we first launched our social listening solution — and we’re far from done when it comes to innovation.

Let’s start with our biggest achievement of the year: we launched SentiCharts, the successor to our yearly Social Index report. It’s a daily ranking of the hottest brands on social media — think the Billboard Hot 100 for companies. We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done in bringing SentiCharts to the world and can’t wait to show you what we have planned for it. 

As for SentiOne Listen itself, we spent the year supercharging the platform with new features. Let’s start with the big guns: we can now track TikTok. Over the past couple of years, the platform has established itself as one of the most important social media sites on the planet. It quickly became of the utmost importance to our customers — and to us!

We also improved the way we handle our other data sources. YouTube Shorts, Instagram DMs, increased limits on the Twitter API, as well as improved Apple App Store and Google Play access… 2022 was the year of unparalleled data coverage, and we don’t intend to stop.

We also added several new features. New widgets, such as Peak Analysis and Hashtag Trends aim to provide even more immediately usable information to our users. We also continued expanding our AI reporting capabilities by introducing the Insights view.

A SentiOne business update

As for our company itself, we persevered despite challenging conditions. 2022 wasn’t a great year for the tech industry, for a variety of reasons.

Despite this, we managed to expand SentiOne’s international presence. Both our European and Latin American divisions hired new talent, while we took the first steps on a completely new market: the UAE. Our forays into the MENA market have already resulted in several partnerships and led to SentiOne opening an office in Dubai.

What’s more, we entered into a business relationship with e& enterprise — the biggest provider of telecommunications solutions in the region.

“It was a difficult year on so many levels, yet I am very proud we managed to stay focused and do what we do best — delivering exceptional AI-based tech products. Technology is part of our DNA, which is why we strive to become the global leader in developing and providing artificial intelligence solutions for marketing and customer service purposes. The plan for 2023 is to bring our solution to wider international markets — and we are on track to do so.” —Kamil Bargiel, SentiOne CEO

Looking forward to 2023

Our customers can expect great things from SentiOne going into 2023. We are committed to expanding and supporting all of our products and bringing more innovation to the industry.

We will continue our international expansion, focusing primarily on our three core markets: Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. In the short term, this means continuously improving our language support and NLU capabilities, as well as seeking out new partnerships and opportunities in those markets.

As for our products, we’re committed to continuously expanding their capabilities. We have plenty of surprises in store for both Listen and Automate (not to mention SentiCharts!) — and we can’t wait to share them with you!