The top 100 most popular brands online — as identified by AI algorithms

SentiOne, an AI-company specializing in social media listening, analyzed over 57 million online opinions to rank 345 brands and products to release the 2021 Social Index Report. It includes key data on trends and consumer preferences and brands popularity based on online reach and discussion sentiment. Five sectors —automotive, consumer electronics, e-commerce, fashion, finance and banking— were analyzed by the online listening company to find out which brands perform best online. Out of all 345 brands Apple became the most popular, with second and third place taken by Amazon and SONY.


Samsung or Apple? The eternal battle in consumer electronics

The most popular brand of consumer electronics is Apple, which not only dominates this category but is also the most popular out of all 345 brands SentiOne monitored. Sony is in second place and Nintendo is in third. The most popular topic in the field of consumer electronics revolves around gaming. Continued interest in VR gaming and the Metaverse space contributed to a strong showing from Oculus, which landed at sixth place.


The unusual marriage of fashion and gaming

At the forefront of fashion is Nike, with Gucci in second place, and Adidas in third. High fashion loves K-pop and K-pop loves high fashion. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci all collaborated with various Korean stars this year. The latter brand is also not afraid of mingling with the video game world — in January, Pokémon Go players could dress up their in-game characters in several North Face x Gucci clothes for a limited time.


Automotive industry, K-pop and Twitter

The most popular brands online are Tesla, Toyota, and BMW. Collaborating with Korean stars is also beneficial to the car industry. The top hashtag last year was #carofinstagram, yet Instagram wasn’t become the number one platform in the automotive sector. Why? This year, car brands emphasized collaborations with K-pop idols and their fans prefer Twitter.


Fintech over traditional banks

PayPal became the most popular brand in the finance sector. It is followed by CashApp and then by Deutsche Bank. The has become one of the most popular discussion hubs in the field of finance and banking. It is clear that online discussions are dominated by emerging fintechs and cryptocurrencies, not traditional banks.


Pandemic and DIY in E-commerce

It has been growing steadily for some time, but online shopping started soaring in the last two years. Amazon is still the most popular online platform. Etsy — in third place — proves that there is still a great deal of interest in craft stuff. Etsy’s domination of the e-commerce sector is also confirmed by its Community Forum being the top source of discussions in the entire category


The Social Index Report was prepared by SentiOne using their proprietary social listening algorithms powered by artificial intelligence. In order to access the full report visit this website.

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