New SentiOne functionalities — Ideal Client Profile and advanced Twitter analytics

SentiOne is launching a new Owned Media analysis feature — the Ideal Client Profile. By analyzing a brand’s social media followers, we can instantly create a statistical client model and determine what gender they are, how old they are, where they come from, and what language they use. This is the first such tool on the market. Aside from this feature, SentiOne is also launching Twitter support in its Owned Media analysis module. Users will also receive access to new data and metrics, such as views and follower analysis.

As of January 2022, internet users constitute 62,5% of the world’s population, while social media users make up 58,5%, according to a report by the Canadian agency Hootsuite. This is an increase of 4% and 10%, respectively, when compared to January last year. In Poland, internet users make up 87% of the population, while social media users constitute 72%. These numbers are also continuously growing. According to Advox Studio, a Polish company building e-commerce solutions, almost half of all Poles shopping online learn of offers through social media ads.

Since ad costs are rising, acquiring third party data — data from external companies — keeps getting more difficult, while new anti-tracking measures continue to be introduced. As a result, Owned Media analysis is becoming ever more important. Owned Media used to mean just the brand website and its Facebook fanpage. The modern web, however, constantly expands that definition.

Ideal Client Profile — new SentiOne functionality

SentiOne decided to anticipate the challenges marketers will face in 2022 and beyond by building new, advanced owned media analysis functionalities. Starting on February 10th, a new feature will be available in the Owned Media module: building an Ideal Client Profile. Using social listening results as well as first party data — information about a brand’s social media followers — users will be able to instantly establish what their statistically average client is like: how old they are, where they come from, what language they speak… and more. The new feature will be available for free to all new and existing Enterprise clients in all 75 languages supported by SentiOne.

“Some brands stumble in the dark, not knowing who their online target audience is or how to reach them,” says Agnieszka Uba, Head of Product Marketing at SentiOne. “Creating an Ideal Client Profile will help them understand who’s interested in them and whether this matches their target group. Brands will be able to learn about different follower groups across online channels and how they evolve over time. This, in turn, will allow them to adjust their messaging and better tailor their paid content. This is the first solution on the market that so neatly combines social listening and owned channel analysis.

Owned Media analysis gets boosted by Twitter data

Until now, SentiOne’s Owned Media analysis features were limited only to Facebook and Instagram. Starting on February 10th, these platforms are also joined by Twitter. Analysing all of these channels together is much more convenient than logging into each platform separately. Users will be able to use a single graph to check and compare post views across all three sites, as well as other metrics, such as follower counts and the average client profiles. “No other analytics platform offers collated data from all three platforms. Thanks to Twitter API integration and SentiOne’s proprietary algorithms we can display real-time analytics from all three leading platforms — something no other analytics solution offers” adds Agnieszka Uba, Head of Product Marketing at SentiOne.

The Owned Media analysis function has been available in SentiOne since October last year. After two months, a client satisfaction analysis revealed that it was rated a 4.75 out of 5. “The development of tools supporting the daily work of agencies and marketers satisfies us greatly,” comments Marek, Strategy & Creative Lead at the Luźno agency. “SentiOne allows us to analyse growth and reach across all of our clients’ channels and compare these results with broader online market trends.”

SentiOne has been developing its artificial intelligence and natural language understanding algorithms for over 10 years. This work has resulted in an accuracy index of 96% and an ability to detect sentiments and emotions such as joy, sadness, anger, disappointment, and even sarcasm. Each day, the platform gathers and processes over 40 million mentions from public domains all over the world, including social media, news sites, blogs, forums et cetera. The SentiOne social listening solution allows the analysis of an unlimited number of keyword and sharing the results with other users.

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