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Optimise your CS pipeline with templated responses

When we started work on SentiOne React, we set out to conquer the most common problems in modern customer service. In previous posts, we showed you how to wrangle dozens of communication channels, the best way to monitor your agents’ performance, and how smart routing ensures no question goes unanswered.

Begone, Excel!

Today, we’d like to conquer one last challenge – the dreadful beast that is Microsoft Excel. We’re willing to bet dollars against peanuts: even if you’re a dedicated React user, you still rely on massive Excel spreadsheets filled with response templates for every possible customer enquiry.

Why bother, though?

Why, though? Have you ever considered how much time your employees waste scrolling through those unwieldy things, looking for given scenarios and responses? We certainly did – that’s why we implemented templated responses in React.

Templated responses allow you to store commonly used replies in a handy menu. Forget about scrolling through hundreds of rows in an Excel file to find appropriate responses – they’re all right where you need them.

This is more powerful than you may think – because responses can be defined on a per-project basis, your agents don’t have to scroll past dozens of templates irrelevant to them. This has a direct impact on their efficiency and the time it takes for a customer to receive a response. What’s more, a simplified CS pipeline allows you to train new agents faster.

Bonus points!

We also added language options to the templates – each response can have multiple language versions! If you receive a message in a language different than English, React will automatically recommend responding in that language by listing the appropriate templates.

If you want to go a step further, SentiOne Automate leverages cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to automatically handle the most common questions and requests for your agents, freeing them up to focus on delivering high-quality responses to each client. Interested? Contact us and request a 14-day demo.