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The benefits of omnichannel customer service

Omnichannel integration – every channel on one screen

Today, there are more ways to communicate with your customers than ever before. While traditional communications channels – such as email and phone calls – still see some use, companies offer increasingly diverse contact channels. Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp – the list goes on. Many companies aim to be proactive, maintaining a presence where large segments of their customer base already are, instead of forcing them into two or three communication channels.

While the theory behind this approach is sound, a problem arises with each new method of contact. As humans, we’re creatures of habit. Our brains are literally hard-wired to work within the same context for as long as possible. Constantly having to juggle half a dozen different apps makes us tired and frustrated – which isn’t very conducive towards quality customer service.

If only someone had the foresight to combine all of your communication channels into a single application. If only.

…oh, wait. We totally did that, and it’s awesome. Our React tool gives you the power to easily integrate all of your communication channels – email, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, what have you. As long as it has an API, it can talk to React.

Combining every channel into one tool not only allows you to potentially capture 100% of your customer base – it also makes it simple to provide the same standard of care on every platform out there. The amount of time you save by not having to switch between different apps also can’t be overstated. It may seem a minor thing, but being able to instantly reply to any customer query – again, no matter where it comes from – is a claim few brands can boast.

Multi-channel integration is more than just presenting all your email enquiries and Facebook comments in one place. React also presents users with detailed metrics regarding your communications as a whole – you can see which channels enjoy the most popularity, and which ones could stand to benefit from being advertised a little more aggressively. If you outsource one or more channels to an external team, you can also monitor how long it takes them to respond and if there are any outstanding queries. 

The insights don’t end there, however. React automatically maintains a database of users interacting with your brand – with a single click, you can figure out who your top fans (or haters) are, and how much sway they hold with the rest of your customers.

Once you integrate React into your brand’s workflow, we’d also like to invite you to take a look at the other modules available on the SentiOne platform – Listen and Automate. 

Listen allows you to take a more aggressive approach to interacting with your customers. As the name would imply, it’s a social listening tool: tell it the keywords you’re interested in, and it will scour the Web looking for conversations on those topics. If anyone talks about your brand anywhere – Reddit, forums, public social media profiles – you’ll be the first to know.

Automate takes your customer service into the 21st century by allowing honest-to-goodness robots take over from your carbon-based employees. If your customer service agents are complaining that they spend too much time answering the same three questions over and over again, why not offload that work onto a fully customisable chatbot? They certainly are less prone to complaints ;).