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Top 30 brands on TikTok in 2022 and the lessons they teach

In the past couple of years, TikTok has taken the world by storm. It quickly became one of the most important marketing channels in the world — and for good reason!

But did you ever wonder who the real kings of the platform are? Which brands have taken their TikTok presence to the next level? Wonder no more — we compiled a list of the top 30 brands on TikTok.

The top 30 brands on TikTok

  1. TikTok  62M
  2. Netflix 22.9M
  3. NBA 15M
  4. Nickelodeon 12M
  5. Fortnite 8M
  6. RedBull 6.5M
  7. Duolingo 4.2M
  8. ABC News 3.2M
  9. Gymshark 3.6M
  10. NBC News 2.7M
  11. Nike 2.3M
  12. Adidas 2.2M 
  13. McDonald’s 2.1M
  14. Gucci 1.8M
  15. Target 1.8M
  16. Taco Bell 1.8M
  17. Zalando 1.6M
  18. Ryanair 1.6M
  19. Samsung 1.6M
  20. HBO Max 1.7M
  21. Chipotle 1.7M
  22. Balenciaga 1.4M
  23. ZARA 1.3M
  24. The Washington Post 1.3M
  25. ASOS 1.3M
  26. Apple 1.2M
  27. Amazon 547k
  28. Sephora 319k
  29. Coca-Cola 207k
  30. New Balance 177k

What can we learn from the top 30 brands on TikTok?

Brevity is king

Perhaps the most important takeaway from browsing this list is this: brevity matters. TikTok is a platform built on its own variety of short-form content. It sets itself apart from content on platforms like Instagram Stories precisely due to this very specific format.

What does this mean in practice? Don’t recycle your content. What works on other platforms will not fly on TikTok.

Look at Netflix — they just launched the newest season of their hit series, Stranger Things. While they posted the full trailer on Instagram, TikTok instead got several bite-sized videos which resonate better with its user base. Check out the engagement metrics, too: the Instagram post was viewed 1,652,923 views at the time of writing. TikTok got 14.6 million — and it’s only one of a dozen of short pieces of promotional content Netflix produced to promote the series!

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@netflix I don’t think we’re in Hawkins anymore…who’s ready for Stranger Things 4? masterpiece by @parkerlocke #strangerthings4 ♬ original sound – Netflix

TikTok — the fashionista’s best friend

The presence of numerous fashion brands in the top 30 is a testament to TikTok’s strong appeal among consumers interested in the latest trends. The platform is keenly aware of this phenomenon — why do you think they work so hard on their e-commerce integrations?

In a way, the platform is following in the footsteps of its Chinese counterpart: Douyin, TikTok’s “older sibling” has been notorious for its e-commerce success. In the past fiscal year, the company tripled its sales and moved more than ten billion products.

Given that TikTok broke one billion monthly active users last year, moving into e-commerce seems like a no-brainer. The company is currently testing various integrations in select markets. If e-commerce through TikTok is something your brand can make use of, you should definitely keep track of their efforts!

The name of the game is “influencer marketing”

Almost every social media platform aims to build a community — but TikTok takes this to an entirely new level. The platform’s zeitgeist changes almost constantly, and remaining in touch with what’s hot and what’s not can be a major challenge.

This is where influencers come in — with their uncanny ability to navigate the ebb and flow of TikTok’s shared brainspace. Building a TikTok marketing strategy without the help of the platform’s natives is like trying to navigate a mountain range without a guide. Sure, you might climb to the summit — but you’re much more likely to end up eaten by a bear.

The demand for influencers is so vast, TikTok launched its creator marketplace. It’s there that brands can find creators that best fit their image and profile.

Like it or not, but Gen Z and millennials are immune — and oftentimes, openly hostile — to traditional methods of advertising. It’s not surprising. After all, they’re the first generation to grow up with adblockers. 

As such, influencer marketing remains the best way to reach a young audience. It’s a constantly evolving industry, set to grow another $16.4 billion in 2022. This is a testament to its efficacy and continuing importance.

The conclusion is simple: you need influencers to reach a wider audience on TikTok — and the platform makes it easy to engage in collaborations.

Social listening makes everything better

Of course, there’s hardly any point in implementing any of these tips if you don’t have a solid way of measuring their effectiveness.

This is where we come in. SentiOne recently launched its TikTok integration — allowing our enterprise clients to utilize our bleeding edge sentiment detection algorithms to measure the results of their social media efforts. 

Thanks to our world-class technology, we’re able to parse through millions of online mentions to identify their emotional sentiment, track trends and detect the warning signs of impending social media crises. If you’re interested in adding our platform to your social media marketing arsenal, get in touch with us to book a demo today!