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Bring your social media to the next level with the complete social media toolkit

We are pleased to announce that SentiOne joined forces with social scheduler – Postfity – so you can manage your accounts effectively at every stage: from publishing through listening to analytics.

Don’t blame Facebook for low reach, Instagram for limited options or competition for lack of success on your social. If your accounts don’t get enough traction and your brand isn’t getting anywhere – let’s fix it! With nowadays technology and tools that can fix almost anything, we will show you how you can boost your social accounts with the right toolkit.

Analyse and do a health check-up of your socials.

Before you revamp your social media strategy, you need to do some homework first. Do you know what content resonates with your audience? When is the best time to post? What hashtags will boost your reach? Where is your brand discussed outside your channels? Go to SentiOne Analytics [link to discount page] and monitor those metrics, find out what was working so far so you can nurture it further. If you need extra guidance in revamping your strategy, here is a list of tips and tricks for you:

Schedule and publish to the right audience at the right time

Right, now you know what, when and to whom you should communicate. But how are you going to create and share this content with your audience? We all know social media marketing is essential to reach your audience and build a community these days. But a lot of us also experienced how difficult and time-consuming it can be…but it doesn’t have to! You may also have heard that ‘social media marketing simply doesn’t work’ – probably from people that didn’t manage to do it consistently, and post enough content of high quality. One of the reasons is the lack of an appropriate strategy, another – lack of tools that would let you streamline and scale the process. A social media scheduler is a tool that allows you to create, publish and schedule posts across all your main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – and even Vkontakte.

Thanks to social media schedulers you can batch your work – write all your posts for the week or month in one go, schedule them to go out automatically at a future date – adjusted for different timezones, so you hit your audience when it’s most active. That way you can stay consistent with your posting whatever happens, even when life gets the better of you. And consistency and frequency of posting are one of the main predictors of high engagement.

With a social media scheduler like Postfity, you can save tons of time and 10X your content distribution for maximum reach and engagement!

Listen & engage to build communities

Woohoo! With the right strategy and the social media content you boosted your social media reach and made customers engage with your content. Take a step further and deepen relationships with your audience – listen and engage in their discussions. With SentiOne you can track where your customers mention your brand outside your channels and join conversations to show that you care. Wondering what else you could do?

Check below:

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