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Influencer marketing – how to choose the best opinion leader for your product?

One of the most effective ways of promoting products and services is collaborating with influencers in promo campaigns. It works well, because people tend to believe more in recommendations coming from outside sources, rather than the message created by the brands themselves.

Where to look for influential opinion leaders? Online, obviously.

The statistics prove that we are few times more eager to buy certain products if we saw them being recommended in social media by other users. Recent research, conducted by Twitter, shows that 49% of clients reach for other consumers’ opinions in the light of potential purchases. What is more, 40% of Twitter users claim that they made a purchase based on trustworthy Twitter recommendation.

How to find influencers then? How to choose the most appropriate, the most likeable ones, how to identify the ones with the biggest outreach? And finally, how to use SentiOne in such case?

Configure the project for the whole branch

Thanks to very basic configuration you will find out who talks about the brand the most and what is the sentiment of their mentions. When preparing the project related to the whole market of products or services, you can determine main communication channels of opinion leaders important for the branch. Furthermore, you’ll be able to identify the hottest trends on the market! Start from checking out what online users say about motorization, fashion or e-commerce. Analyse about what or whom they talk and whom they appreciate the most within certain branch.

Verify opinion leaders

While looking through the results of online monitoring in search of influencers, it is essential to look for someone who already:

  • Has mentioned your brand (number of mentions)
  • Has talked about products and services within the industry (keyword cloud, number of mentions)
  • Has shared some valuable industry content, cooperated or not with other brands (number of fans, shares, likes, qualitative verification of authors’ content)
  • Has wide outreach (number of views’ estimation – reach, qualitative fans’ verification)
  • Speaks positively about your brand (brand mentions’ sentiment)
  • Is perceived positively by the internauts
  • Uses hashtags (quantitative analysis and number of views’ estimation)

All the points mentioned above affect influencer’s credibility, but also result in successful cooperation with the brand.

In times of information overload – written posts, comments and shared content, bots or the possibility of reaching fake fans – it’s easier than ever to make a mistake. Historical analysis and verifying few previous months or years of influencer’s activity will help to avoid a painful disappointment which could cause a serious harm to your company’s reputation.

Prepare a comparison

Additionally, monitoring – projects’ configuration for few influencers – lets you compare your potential candidates for influencer program. Depending on the needs of the brand, we can review the number of mentions regarding certain person or brand, their reach or optimal publication time and dynamics of publications in time. This kind of data sets give full picture of your potential success and its scale, based on cooperation with the chosen influencer.

Optimise your actions

SentiOne automatically (basing on previously configured project) identifies key people for the brand, based on their online activity. That lets you determine potential ambassadors, depending on various communication sources, too. It may be worth to analyse in advance where the discussion occur most often and what days and hours are the most appropriate for certain topics (we wrote more about it here). When planning an influencer campaign, it’s important to think about whether and how your profile matches your potential influencer.

Do you want to get to know influencers suitable for your brand or industry?

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