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The Insights feature is a game-changer for marketers

If you work in marketing or brand management, you know how important it is to keep track of your brand’s performance online. But checking brand statistics can be time-consuming, especially if you’re trying to juggle multiple responsibilities. That’s why we’re excited to announce Insights. This new feature can help you stay informed about your brand in just 1 minute.

Our customer research showed that most marketers spend around 30 minutes daily checking brand statistics. At SentiOne, we are constantly working on solutions — like automatic reports and alerts — that make brand professionals’ lives easier. But we’ve taken it to the next level.

With Insights, you only need one minute to check what happened to your brand online. The feature provides a quick overview of your brand’s performance, highlighting any significant changes or trends you need to know. You can use this information to make data-driven decisions about your marketing and branding strategies without spending much time digging through data.

Let’s explore the six areas that Insights provides an instant overview of: 

1. Peaks Analysis

Check the most important events from last week or month. Our algorithm automatically detects days with the highest number of mentions, prepares a quick analysis, and shows the most relevant days and sources where the buzzing was most active. 

#protip: All sources are linked, so you can quickly discover and join the conversation.


2. Trends

Trends make it easy to see what hashtags are trending now and which are disappearing from discussions. Stay up-to-date about what’s happening in your industry, and use those insights to create engaging social media content.

#protip: Stable trends show which hashtags are still on everyone’s lips, use them frequently.


3. Best Sources

This insight shows you the best-performing sources. But that’s not all. This observation rated these sources into three main categories to see which had the Biggest Impact, the Biggest Growth, and which showed the Biggest Gender Difference

#protip: Click the drop-down icon on Biggest Impact to check the sentiment analysis of the conversation. 


4. Big Picture

How does the brand perform in social media overall? No problem; you can discover in a second how mentions and engagement have changed in the last three months. Check if the number of results constantly increases or decreases, and look at the analysis of interactions in time. 

#protip: Big Picture will tell you which month performed best.


5. Brand Health

Brand Health Index is a unique metric by SentiOne to understand better how lovable the brands and topics are. It is the ratio of positive to negative statements in a given period. You can spot the changes in BHI by comparing them to the previous period.

#protip: You can easily see what could have caused the change in your BHI in Peak Analysis.


6. Authors

This insight lets you check how many unique users participated in the conversations. It sums up the unique authors across all sources. Besides, the ‘Authors’ part lists the most impactful Facebook page categories where mentions generated the highest reach.

#protip: By looking at the bar’s colors, you can see whether users spread the word positively, negatively, or neutrally.


In conclusion, our new feature is a game-changer if you want to stay informed about the brand’s performance online. We’re helping to focus on making data-driven decisions more efficiently by reducing the time needed to check brand statistics and give insightful analysis about trends, audience, engagement, and sources. SentiOne Insights is available to all our customers, and we are working on developing more indicators in the future.