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The Best Influencer Marketing Tools

The influencer marketing market is growing yearly. It is estimated to reach a market value of $16.4 billion in 2022. This lucrative sector attracts more and more big players and is key to increasing popularity and building brand authority. However, acquiring influencers for cooperation is more complex. Waiting for the right moment, or contacting only those who follow us, is becoming an increasingly unprofitable strategy.

Influencer marketing tools come to the rescue. These multi-functional solutions allow us to monitor the influencer market, easily compose messages for potential business partners and track competitors’ campaigns.

In this article, we will discuss the nature of influencer marketing tools. We will also tell you how SentiOne Listen can become invaluable to your influencer marketing strategy.

What are the capabilities of influencer marketing tools?

Different tools specialise in various aspects of influencer marketing. We can, however, distinguish several critical functions.

Popularity Statistics

Knowing about the reach of influencers on selected platforms is vital information. Additionally, we want to know the thematic scope of the produced content. Beauty influencers are unlikely to be effective in promoting our innovative masonry mortar.

Social media monitoring

Social listening allows us to locate the conversations in which we should participate. It gives invaluable information on the current trends in our sector. It will enable us to analyse our and our competition’s campaigns. And finally, it provides us with the data on who mentions us. There may already be a group of influencers who have positive sentiments about our products. Establishing a partnership with them is the next natural step.

Communication with influencers

Quick search and verification of business e-mail addresses,  communication templates, and approving posts are essential when we present offers to hundreds of people. We don’t have time to create completely personalised communication with each of them. Some of the websites also function as influencer markets.

A selection of tools

Aspire (formerly AspireIQ)


Aspire is primarily a human resources bank with a built-in search engine. The platform relies on a crawler collecting data on influencers. Currently, the database includes over 500,000 people. There are several options: the classic search engine, quick match function (recommendations), and watchlist, i.e. looking for influencers mentioning our brand.

In addition, Aspire also provides solutions in the field of CRM, building and monitoring the health of a campaign. Nevertheless, discovering business partners remains its primary function.



Klear is an all-in-one influencer marketing tool. One of its most significant advantages is a powerful, built-in talent search engine. The tool groups influencers into 60,000 categories and displays their popularity statistics and psychographics.

Klear’s built-in CRM allows for easy contact with potential partners. We can easily exchange briefs, inform each other about significant hashtags and approve partner posts.

In addition, Klear also allows you to monitor campaign performance, including ROI measurements.


Marketing platform supporting Instagram and YouTube. We search for influencers based on keywords. However, the tool’s real potential lies in its functionality for marketing campaigns. Built-in CRM allows you to share relevant statistics easily and allows easy access to solutions such as promoting content and sponsoring posts. Its unquestionable advantage is the massive base of influencers and the cooperation system.


SocialBlade is a long-time player in the social media marketing market. Since 2008, it has provided free statistics on influencers on various social media platforms. In addition to popularity statistics, it also informs us about how long a specific account has been running and where it operates. Thanks to the query builder function, it also allows you to find niche influencers. It does not have a built-in CRM.


Upfluence is another all-in-one tool that allows you to find the right influencers, build relationships, and monitor campaigns. One of its valuable features is the ability to create contact lists that we can then use to send bulk messages. The built-in payout manager is also worth mentioning, which makes doing business with our partners faster and easier.

SentiOne Listen as an influencer marketing tool

SentiOne Listen is a universal platform that also works well for influencer marketing. Real-time analytics and engagement monitoring are vital to managing promotional campaigns. The intuitive interface allows you to react immediately to comments and complaints regarding your products.

Monitor potential partners’ engagement

In SentiOne Listen, you can easily visualise the engagement of a given influencer over time. You can see if they participated in any discussions containing references to you. You can also quickly check the general attitude of the influencer and his audience towards your brand. You can also quickly gain information on whether an influencer has worked with your competitors and how popular those campaigns were.

Get to know audiences

Qualitative analyses allow you to get to know your potential audience better. What are return keywords? What are the attitudes to your and your competitors’ brands? What are the followers of a given person talking about, and what language do they use? SentiOne allows you to answer these and many other questions to understand your potential audience better. The influencer’s audience may contain potential leads. We wrote more about generating them in this article.

Monitor campaign performance

SentiOne can also monitor the success of a campaign in which you collaborate with an influencer. An excellent example of this was our cooperation with Stor9, a company that designs communication strategies and campaigns linking brands with top-shelf talents.

Thanks to the Owned Media Analysis function, potential image crises of Stor9 customers were quickly detected and prevented. SimpleReply allowed for direct replies to comments on each of the monitored platforms. And the automatic notifications gave the employees of Stor9 immediate information about potential crises.

Cooperation with SentiOne allowed our partner to fulfil its obligations towards its clients effectively. The result was an increase in the overall ROI, which was one of the goals of our cooperation.


The influencer marketing market is constantly growing, and nothing indicates it will stop anytime soon. According to a recent study in 2020, there were 8.4 social media accounts per person. This situation pushes companies to use tools that can monitor several platforms simultaneously. Thus, practical tools for influencer marketing must ensure multi-functionality and effectiveness.

SentiOne allows you to identify potential brand ambassadors quickly, respond to comments in one place, and measure campaign success in real-time. It is an excellent tool for brands and companies dealing with brand health. Book a demo period today.