Inside SentiOne

Influence Score and more. Recent product changes in SentiOne

Time flies when you’re having fun! SentiOne’s Product Team has new updates to share after next well spent quarter. As always, we’d like to thank our clients for sticking with SentiOne! After all, we work on making our product faster and better so you can achieve your goals easier. See what we’ve delivered in the past quarter and how you can use it per your needs.

New in SentiOne:

  1. Influence Score
  2. Reach extend
  3. Integration with Messenger Chatbot
  4. Simplified project creation for authorised social profiles
  5. Returning threads to service
  6. Easier payment

Influence Score

Our system calculates each mention, site, and author found within your project and gives it a score (from 1 to 10). This score is based on two things:

  • how likely it is for the mention to be seen,
  • how many times a mention has been viewed, shared, or retweeted.

We believe it helps you discover statements, authors, and sites that are the most popular and influential. This way your influencer marketing campaigns can get more metrics for analysis and be more data-driven. Yes, we like this word! You know why? Because the more data-driven your campaigns are, the more precise your investments and better ROI. Easy.

Where can you find this feature?

  1. Influence Score is displayed on each mention tile. See the bottom right corner:

2. Also, we’ve decided to add information about the Influence Score to your .XLS and .CSV exports. Together with other metadata like reactions, shares and number of fans. You can now use these metrics as well if you do your advanced analysis externally.

Reach extend

Remember when you used the data from our Reach analysis in your measurements? When you checked your campaign performance, brand awareness, or credibility of potential influencer? Now imagine it got super-boosted! We’ve changed the architecture of our application to make the calculations even faster so that you get your results in the blink of an eye.

As a result, we improved the performance of Sorting by Reach functionality more than 10 times! That’s not all! This change will soon have an impact on report generation time and many widgets available in SentiOne.

Integration with Messenger Chatbot

Have you ever felt the frustration when you tried to write a private message to a Facebook fanpage representative and instead just received a predefined response from a BOT that cannot understand you, and moreover there was no option for you to switch to human conversation? I felt it a few times. And I guess the only worse thing is a fanpage that wouldn’t respond at all…

At SentiOne, we truly believe in chatbots and client service automation. A good chatbot can do a great job. However, we are also aware that in current stage of the market, where most chatbots can’t understand the natural language, human support is crucial and most chatbots are just not ready. Proper customer service has a huge impact on brand and this is why we’ve decided to give Messenger Chatbots a try. From now on you get the possibility to integrate them with SentiOne React, our online reputation management functionality.

So, we’ve built a custom solution that makes it possible to integrate Messenger Chatbot with SentiOne React. You can have both: a chatbot working on fanpage and great customer service provided by CS team when needed.

Simply, all threads served by bots are visible in our application. When a client requests a contact with a real person, the bot automatically stops, our system recognises the request and routes the conversation to available agent.

What’s more, the agent can reply using AI Answers algorithm which recommends most suitable responses based on historical conversations. When the agent closes the conversation, he can decide if the next message from this user should be received by bot again, or it should go directly to an agent. Artificial Intelligence in human hands. Sounds nice, right?

Interested in boosting your online customer care? Book demo now and build customer loyalty with this unique chatbot experience!

Simplified project creation for authorised accounts

From now on, if you have your social media accounts authorised, you can create a new project with just one click in Accounts module.

Just click on Options icon, choose Create new project and you will be moved directly to Mentions view (project is saved automatically).

You should know that this is one of many benefits of having your social accounts authorised.

Returning threads to service

Get your social media management up to next level and show your clients that you care.

When agents close conversation, they can decide if the thread should be automatically reopened again with high priority.

You can use this tool to make sure that your customer is satisfied with your help. Try asking “Are you OK? Did our consultants on the line managed to solve your problem?”. By making sure you resolved the issue, you will have your customer loyalty level increased significantly.

Easier payment

We deliver in-depth online listening (including sentiment analysis) in 27 languages. Of course, depending on your needs, you can monitor just one language or hashtags in any language, to be honest. There are countless possibilities to get a broad overview of your online presence with SentiOne.

We keep trying to not only to improve our product architecture but also to maintain our status of a really user-friendly tool. That’s why we spent some time past quarter improving our payment flow. Our top priority is to make life easier for you by supporting different payment methods (i.e. Sofort and AmEx) and currencies. Check our pricing to see what’s new!


And now that summer is upon us, we hope you will get a well-deserved holiday, while we keep on moving. It is going to be a harvest season for us. We plan to deliver a really powerful feature that will help you with brand protection and provide you with valuable insights without the need to read all mentions and spend your valuable time.

Follow us, as we are ready to redefine the world of social listening and online customer service 🙂