What’s new at SentiOne? Summary 2023

When we think about what has been going on in social media recently, we can say that the word “recap” definitely reigned supreme. This is not surprising – for several years now, we can observe a year-end trend, where both companies and personal brands, as well as other everyday social media users, write in a more or less elaborate form about what succeeded/what failed/what changed/what happened/etc. over the past year.

Such a summary could not – of course – be missed by us as well! For this reason, we have described for you all the most important changes and innovations in SentiOne that were introduced last year. Maybe you already use some of them, and some are still a mystery to you? Let’s find out!

SentiOne integration with ChatGPT

While the keyword at the end of each year is “recap,” the keyword for all of 2023 was undoubtedly “AI” and all that it entails – especially the increasingly widely used ChatGPT. Wait, but how can ChatGPT help me monitor the Internet, after all, it’s a content creation tool, right? Yes, but… It can be used just as effectively to create summaries of online discussions about a brand or analyze social media mentions (as part of social listening).

In 2023, we carried out the integration of SentiOne with ChatGPT, followed by:

  • We launched a beta test with carefully selected SentiOne users,
  • We have introduced the possibility for AI to prepare a summary of the most important events in a selected period,
  • We gradually increased the number of mentions that ChatGPT is supposed to analyze in a single summary,
  • introduced context for analysis using prompts (e.g., what users generally discuss or like about the brand),
  • We have implemented an AI Topics widget that groups mentions into common topics and shows the 5 most frequent ones. Faster analysis? By all means!
  • We made sure that the AI summary is displayed in bullet points instead of text (to make the information presented clearer),
  • We have implemented the ability to generate keywords added to projects using artificial intelligence,
  • We have introduced an option to monitor the monthly use of the ChatGPT function (the number of clicks on “AI Summary” is limited within a month, but the limits are tailored to customers’ needs).

So, as you can see, we are trying to take into account the latest trends also when developing SentiOne. And the above list is just the beginning – we will definitely be expanding this area in 2024!

New sorting methods

We know that you’re anxious to find the most interesting (i.e., those with the most potential to be used) mentions of your brand as quickly as possible. We know that sometimes there are so many mentions of your brand on the Internet and social media in just a few seconds that you could spend the rest of your life browsing through them, and you still wouldn’t finish. We finally know how to streamline your work – in fact, we’ve already done it, introducing new filtering capabilities in Q2 2023. Did you know that you can now sort your brand mentions by number:

  • likes – with this option you can discover what content your audience is interested in,
  • shares – which allows you to find out what content users are willing to share (viral potential),
  • watchers – this is how you will examine which influencer talking about your brand gathers the largest community around him.

What’s more, in the Mentions panel, we have also introduced the ability to filter social media content by number of followers, likes, comments and shares! Such an option is another way to get to the most commented posts about your brand. At the same time, it can provide a chance to find a micro-influencer that you decide to partner with in the future.

social media analytics

These seem like relatively minor changes, but take our word for it – by using them, you will better develop your marketing strategy!


Significant changes in the sources of mentions

We’ve also taken the next steps to ensure that you can further evaluate the sources of your brand mentions. At Insights, we have introduced the Best Sources category, which lists the most effective sources, rated in 3 categories: the most influential source by its reach, sentiment and gender share, the source with the highest growth, and the source with the biggest difference in the number of female and male commenters. With this solution, you can assess which channel is worth being most active in and adjust your marketing strategy according to the data received.

And if you yourself know which source is most important to you, as of June 2023 you can set alerts for selected sources – such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, reviews, blogs, forums, websites and video sites. What’s more, you can also set alerts for different sentiments or types of mentions within the selected sources. Daily or only when there is a sudden spike in mentions – you choose! This way you are sure not to miss any crisis.

New widgets for even better results

In 2023, we also implemented more widgets to help you evaluate your brand even better.

  • Top-of-mind awareness allows you to see how your brand positions itself against the competition (especially the brand that first comes to mind for consumers in a given industry – TOM awareness). 
  • With Gender comparison, you can see which gender is more likely to write about your brand and compare the results you get with your biggest competitors.
  • Top Locations gives you the opportunity to explore where (in what city, country, region, or continent) people are dropping mentions of your brand.
  • Brand Health comparison compares the number of positive mentions with negative ones and assesses how you compare with your competitors.
  • Engagement Rate allows you to measure how the average engagement rate has changed over a selected period of time (whether it is more positive or negative, and when it was increasing).


online mentions social listening


Thanks to these widgets, you get further information that you can use to understand your target audience and tailor your ongoing marketing activities (especially ongoing communication activities) to them. Have you already taken advantage of any of these opportunities?

What else has changed?

We also can’t forget to mention that in 2023 we introduced such minor or major changes and innovations in SentiOne as:

  • LinkedIn Ads monitoring and visibility of shares on LinkedIn in the panel in our tool,
  • integration with another social media outlet, Reddit (and thus the ability to monitor posts and comments, track user profiles and the content of your account),
  • more data downloaded from Tik-Tok,
  • The ability to see how many times a post on X (i.e., an earlier tweet) has been viewed,
  • Simplified numbering in Results summary and Reach summary (use of periods and commas for ease of perception – how little is sometimes needed!),
  • option to check unique authors and most influential authors on Facebook,
  • Introducing functionality for monitoring mentions over time,
  • The ability to import mentions from other sources (e.g., survey results, emails, data and feedback stored in CRM or other internal systems) into SentiOne – just to keep everything in one place.

brand monitoring online brand mentions

Throughout the year, we have also continuously fixed emerging bugs and errors (unfortunately, they can’t always be avoided, but we try to respond as quickly as possible!) – especially those reported by users as hampering the use of our tool. Remember, your opinion (and satisfaction) is always most important to us!


“With the integration of AI, SentiOne can accelerate data-driven decision-making, offering businesses faster and more insightful analyses of consumer insights. This synergy accelerates the extraction of valuable information from extensive datasets, thus saving time. By automating the process of gaining relevant social data, teams can redirect their focus towards more strategic and impactful aspects of their operations. Ultimately, the marriage of AI and social listening optimizes efficiency, allowing businesses to prioritize and address critical facets of their overall strategy.” Tomasz Zduleczny, SentiOne International Business Lead


2023 behind us – more news and changes in SentiOne ahead!

These are all the major changes we’ve made for 2023 – and each of them individually and all of them combined have been introduced so that you can use SentiOne even more effectively and get better results from monitoring what your brand is saying online. After all, as you probably know, data analysis is the foundation of a properly developed (i.e., results-producing) marketing strategy.

However, we are not stopping! We are already planning, developing and testing further improvements (especially in the area of using artificial intelligence), which we will implement in the ongoing 2024. One thing is for sure – it’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen from the first quarter! We hope you’ll stay with us in the process 😊

If you’d like to learn more, schedule a demo call here.