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Galactic social listening report

There is a universal question. Is the Jedi-love equally spread across Europe? Let our social listening report show you the truth.

Not so long ago, in a not far away continent

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Something has started which can still stir up the international sentiment chart.

We took our social listening tool to check upon the quantity of Star Wars VIII.: The Last Jedi related online mentions and decode the emotional side of Europe.

Our time range was built upon the premier of the latest movie and covered the time period of December 1st to 31rd, 2017.

England is absolutely ruling the scene based on the quantity of mentions, when people were talking about the movie on public online channels and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitter, websites, forums and blogs. Within only 31 days the number of contents has skyrocketed and surpassed a total number of 3 223 000.

England is followed by France and Germany, but also Hungary and the Czech Republic did book a place in the TOP10 – the system covers the whole continent, that represents the opinion of 30 different countries.

Data also shows that the premier was indeed a huge thing and the internet did explode following that.

Do you feel the love?

When it is about love, the results vary a bit. Based on the publised posts, comments, mentions all across Europe (SentiOne is capable of identifying positive and negative sentiment behind user contents with a 70-75% precision rate, following an internationally acknowledged sentiment methodology, the Positive and Negative Affective Schedule, the different attributes of the given language, the context and the distance between specific words within the content).

The biggest fan base of the movie lives on Slovenia. But also the Northern region fancies the latest sequel. Though, when it comes Austria and Switzerland, well they are clearly displeased. This is what the red colour indicates.

Maybe the next movie will win them over.