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Social Media as a mirror of society in the NEW SentiOne FEATURE – ONLINE DASHBOARDS

Perhaps there is no need to repeat it on and on, but it’s surely good to remember that social media work like a mirror for the society. It’s where we can see whatever is happening IRL right now. Social media listening is an excellent tool to track everything that not only happens, but what, where and how people talk about that!

Recently, SentiOne has implemented the opportunity to track all mentions in one shareable dashboard. In real time!
That’s why we would like to present you our new Online Dashboards.


This new feature allows users to share the results of their online listening projects online with other people. Even with those who don’t have an access to the SentiOne tool. It’s super easy now.

How does the ONLINE DASHBOARD work?

In the shared dashboard, everyone can see all the graphs and charts from your/someone else’s original dashboard in SentiOne. There is no limit of widgets displayed in a dashboard online, but the order of widgets can be a little different (it depends on watcher’s screen resolution).

What to do to go live? Just set up a dashboard with your key metrics – you can configure visible widgets from all of your SentiOne favorite features! Then choose and customize data settings. Then share the link – from now on everyone can stay in the loop.

Please note, if you make any changes in your original dashboard by editing, removing or adding some widgets, the changes will be visible on your ONLINE DASHBOARD too (after refreshing the website).

For whom our new ONLINE DASHBOARDS are?

For all those with whom you would like to share the insights from your online listening!
It can be your team member or your boss, or group of fans.

Let’s think about the possibilities.

Track your campaign

If you are launching a NEW CAMPAIGN and you are counting on the super big buzz around it, it’s a perfect tool for you.
Now you can showcase to your boss and the rest of the team what the Internet users are saying about your project!
What if, for example, your team is responsible for Avengers premiere? You can measure communication success tracking real-time dashboard:

Avengers Infinity War

Track news

You may track global or local news online! You will not miss anything!

Let’s check #Russia2018

Motivate your employees

Is “competitor intelligence” your second name?!
Sometimes strongly set benchmarks are the best way to motivate employees.
You may show online dashboard in your office or share it with your team.

Samsung vs iPhone

Digitize your event

Do you organize spectacular events?

Would you like to share photos and some informations with your audience?
It’s as simple as it can be 🙂

Infoshare Conference


It’s for those who couldn’t be on the event, for those who would like to see their photos on the big screen, or for all of you who want to see the overview of the event reach.

Track the buzz

Simple mentions tracking

Are you a big fan of TV series? If you live on this planet, you surely know Game of Thrones. Make an online dashboard for all the mentions regarding that title on Twitter (as the biggest multi-screening medium) and follow what people write about new episodes. And be the first one to notice trends and share some statistics with the bigger community.


And many others …
We list the possibilities of use for ONLINE DASHBOARD forever.
But we bet you can find some more!

Try our new online dashboards and see for yourself!