Inside SentiOne

SentiOne now available in 26 European countries

The Internet is a space within which brand enthusiasts share their opinions. It’s a place where users look for information, advice and problem solutions. People comment the reality sharing their feelings and views. Today, no company can afford to be uninterested in the potential that the Internet brings. Our tool allows to listen to microblogs, blogs, Internet forums, portals and social networks in over 20 European languages. Thanks to cooperation with foreign analysts, our potential in getting to know and analyse local markets is hard to beat. Today, SentiOne is listening to the Internet in 23 countries: Poland, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden and Hungary.

The number of monitored markets is not our only advantage. What makes us different from competition is its own database, containing of high quality local data and unlimited keywords in every monitored topic. Thanks to this, customers can obtain full data from 26 countries for every topic immediately.

We have created SentiOne in 2011, together with Bartosz Baziński and Michał Brzezicki. It all started with Michał and Bartek writing their thesis at the Gdańsk University of Technology. The project was aimed at creating algorithms detecting the sentiment of a post. My co-workers focused on technological aspects of the tool, while I was collecting funds, promoting and finding first clients. For over three years, the company has been constantly growing, what makes us extremely happy. What evolves is both our system, that is being upgraded with new features all the time and the reach of our business. We feel appreciated both in Poland and abroad. Our personal ambition is to create the best social media listening solution in Europe and prove that “made in Poland” can be associated with the best quality. – says Kamil Bargiel, CEO of SentiOne

Our dynamic progress is an effect of market needs. Social media listening becomes essential for entrepreneurs. Tools allowing to analyse the web generate additional savings within marketing budgets, they also give the possibility to measure and compare the effectiveness of campaigns being run. Information obtained within a few minutes helps to find out which actions were effective and which were not. Staying up to date with internet users’ opinions, the brand can quickly see that there are plenty of questions about its products and services. Reliable monitoring helps to avoid communication crises bursting in social media.