Inside SentiOne

SentiOne is adding Russia, Ukraine and Montenegro to its social listening.

For a couple of years, SentiOne is consequently covering new European countries and languages.
Fast opinion’s analysis, upholding brand’s image, engaging dialogue with clients online – it’s available on even larger area of the Europe’s map. From now on, listening to user’s voice online with SentiOne is available in Russia, Ukraine and Montenegro. Expanding our portfolio with three new markets allows SentiOne to offer their clients instant access to online opinions from 26 European countries.
Nowadays, with increasing popularity of social media, social listening is becoming an essential form of managing brands, institutions or celebrities online reputation.
Internet listening tool collects data from portals, social media, blogs, microblogs or forums in one place.
SentiOne meets three basic needs of a company: helps control brand’s reputation on the Internet, helps building relationships with clients and boosts online sales.
SentiOne cooperate with 750 brands from big international corporations to mid and small sized businesses all across Europe. Among company’s clients are such brands as: NIVEA, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, Allianz, Microsoft, Orange and many others.