Inside SentiOne

New rules regarding data access in SentiOne

Since the very beginning of SentiOne, staying consistent with current law regulations and terms of use of the portals that we monitor is our top priority to keep our clients safe. This is why, in the light of recent changes, we are coming to you with the news on how we collect the data to our system.


Facebook and Instagram have recently implemented some changes regarding sharing certain data to external applications.

What does it mean for people using online monitoring systems?

Changes in API sharing – to put it more simply – changes in the way that Facebook and Instagram communicate with other apps and how they hand them the gathered data, were dictated by the desire to protect privacy of internauts using Mark Zuckerberg’s portals.

What is important, the impact of new Facebook and Instagram regulations will equally affect all the apps in the market that want to play by the rules. Since we are willing to stay legit, it is important for us to keep SentiOne users informed that the scope of data shared by our tool may slightly change.

All the main functions of SentiOne will remain intact, however the access to the data will be moderately reduced:

  • Facebook – monitoring groups and Facebook events will not be available anymore.
  • Instagram – monitoring comments on unauthorised accounts will not be available anymore.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data protection is a priority for SentiOne – that’s why we’ve been preparing ourselves for the new regulations for last few months.

According to GDPR, all the platforms that gather data are obliged to make necessary changes and therefore:

  • We collect in our system only publicly visible data, shared willingly by the author.
  • All the data that we collect from social media platforms are gathered using official API (The permissions and data management can be obtained via such platforms).

With regard to the points above, from the beginning of February 2018, according to Facebook API we don’t analyse the details regarding Facebook posts’ authors. This data is protected, in line with privacy policy.

We continue to monitor all the modifications in Facebook and Instagram regulations as they don’t shut the API but implement verification procedures.

We will keep you informed you about any upcoming updates in this post.