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SentiOne almost all over the world!

We are pleased to announce that we monitor online discussions in a few new languages. Our system has been improved yet again and now you can monitor also mentions in Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese!

Your online listening possibilities have spread to all continents.

Online mentions in Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese!

Use SentiOne to find unlimited data on whatever you are looking for. Like for example:

What are the latest fashion trends in Milan:

Where to eat the best frog legs in Paris:

Where to take salsa lessons in Barcelona:

Where to buy the best olive oil in Lisbon:

And there’s more! We’ve been monitoring English for quite some time now – our expansion goes as far as to providing data from US websites. So you can see now more than ever that SentiOne is a perfect solution for brands operating globally and organizations comparing markets from around the world.

Better understanding with sentiment analysis

It’s not just about gathering mentions, obviously. The key of analysing online conversations from the perspective of global brands is sentiment analysis. This way you let our intelligent system collect all the information you need. What’s on your side is simply putting insights into action.

If you need the internet monitoring tool that provides online data in all the languages you need, try SentiOne free of charge for two weeks!

If you already are our Client and want to expand your social listening scope, kindly contact our Client Success Team via online chat (in the lower right corner of the website) or book demo. We’ll be happy to help ?