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How to become a market leader with online listening

The possibilities of internet monitoring are basically inexhaustible and there are as many ideas for its practical use as marketing needs. Expert positioning can surely be listed as one of the top. Every marketer will certainly agree it’s good to become a voice that matters in the industry or a market trendsetter. If you use of data acquired through Internet monitoring skillfully, you will achieve such an objective in no time.

Keep up with marketing trends

How to do it? The key is using a proper online listening tool, obviously. If you have that covered, all you need to do is create the right projects, determining your areas of interest and tracking industry topics. It’s best to set up a project to get all publications around a topic you want to follow, explore, and discuss.

Online media monitoring doesn’t have to be limited to players from your market. It is worth observing global trends, setting the system to follow the mentions of competition and the most innovative markets for the industry.

Tracking online opinions carefully, knowing the industry specifics and watching closely the company situation, you can predict what the next quarter or even a year will bring.


Nothing keeps you from overtaking competition with communication activities thanks to such knowledge.

Additionally, keeping an eye at new trends related to newly sprouting needs or expectations of consumers, you can start working on improving products and services. Equipped with conclusions from the online data analysis, marketers have a chance to surprise or inspire audience following the company. It’s worth trying this approach by brand’s own channels in social media or on a company blog.

Internet monitoring is used, inter alia, to observe trends and industry changes, and by responding in time you will build an expert position on the web.

Get audience insights

Let me remind the words that have been mentioned many times lately – Content is king. Content marketing has become a reliable form to attract interest in our products and offer. Publishing articles, writing posts or blogging requires creativity and staying on top of what’s the new “it”. Internet monitoring allows you to quickly acquire data on any topic and saves time, too.

One of the biggest advantages of online listening for the researchers is that it allows you to find the objective opinions. Even the best service, brand and product requires constant improvement. With online listening, you will get the precious feedback from users or customers. Honest and spontaneous communication on social media allows you to discover genuine opinions from your target group.

Qualitative analysis of the internet users’ statements provides consumer insights, and thus, allows you to know and understand the needs of customers. Data from online listening projects provide answers to questions about the motivation of choosing specific products or services, and also allow tracking purchase intentions declared by the target group.

There are certainly things that even the best entrepreneur does not know about his product. Internet users can identify them, advise or suggest optimal solutions to the problem.

What’s more, monitoring gives you a chance to see the bigger picture of the industry and market trends. Analysts of new media can find out what will be on top, and what’s out of the internet users’ interest – simply use just a chart visualising the number of mentions in time and you can already know what is definitely out.

Anomaly function – as a way to gain an advantage!

Online listening tools allow us to analyse any unusual peaks in data. For example SentiOne calculates the number of mentions for individual projects each day and compares it with the average from previous days. This way it can notify you first off when any aberrations occur. The system can also detect anomalies every hour.

Anyhow, if there would be an unexpected overflow of data, you can get an immediate notification in the Anomalies tab. Additionally, the sentiment analysis allows a quick note what you can expect (whether there are more positive or negative mentions).

Why is the new feature that useful? Other than the most important part – the ability to quickly capture a potential crisis – you can use the anomalies to follow the mentions of competitive brands or keep track of market trends. Noted about unusual situations, you get have an incredible chance to respond quickly. And as we know, time is money!