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How to analyse competitors with SentiOne

Analysing your competitors’ standing in social media is key to fostering your own brand’s growth and presence. With SentiOne’s analytical tools, you don’t have to learn from your own mistakes. Our state-of-the-art analytics will let you start or continue your social media journey, certain that you’re aiming for the goal. Which goal, you may ask? More engagement, more customers, and a more distinguished brand image!

The basics of competitive analysis

Competitive analysis means taking a closer look at your competiton – how their strategies work, what their strengths and weaknesses are. A good social media strategy should be based on


A well prepared social media strategy will use thorough and up to date competitive analysis as a foundation. It ensures you’re ready to both utilise trends and jump into under-served niches. SentiOne’s Comparative Analysis tool enables you to easily evaluate competitors.

Learn by example

Let’s say you want to research the smartphone market, and that Apple is your primary competitor. To use the Comparative analysis template, you’ll have to set up a basic SentiOne project. Follow these steps to do it:

  1. Use the +Create button and pick a suitable template.
  2. Include keywords that interest you – in this case that’d mean your primary competitors (Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.), along with some of their flagship products.
  3. To avoid being flooded by irrelevant results, be sure to use the exclude function! It will let you remove terms such as “fruit”, “granny smith” and “smoothie” from the project results. Lastly, remember to set the correct languages!

Our basic project widgets will provide you with basic, relevant data – for example, our Brand Health Index will enable you to get the general idea about your competitors’ current reputation by weighing positive and negative mentions of a given keyword. Additionally, our engagement rate monitoring will enable you to gauge a competitor’s overall popularity.

The brand health index and engagement chart widgets provide invaluable insights into any brand's social media performance.

The brand health index and engagement chart widgets provide invaluable insights into any brand’s social media performance.

However, it’s possible to get even more data out of SentiOne – that’s where the Reports tab comes in. Select the Comparative template, and receive a comprehensive report of your competitors’ social media standing with the click of a button. Furthermore, you can avoid having to constantly send files to your coworkers by sharing your dashboard.


SentiOne can significantly streamline the vital process of competitor data analysis. It can integrate and compare data from across different platforms, and enables you to easily exclude irrelevant information. While a general overview can be gleaned from the dashboard, a detailed report built specifically for comparative analysis can be produced with the click of a button.

Which brings us to a pertinent question — how would you like to use a state-of-the-art social listening solution in your marketing strategies? Competitor analysis is only the tip of the iceberg! Get in touch with us and book your demo today.