Online Trends

“Cześć” – Hello – most common word in polish language

“Cześć” (it’s a Polish “hello”) is a word we use almost 19 000 times a day. Polish Internet users write “Dzień dobry” (“good morning”) on Facebook and Twitter most often.

Do you know what social media listening is? Well…

We are excited to introduce you to our new blog. We have decided to give up the element of surprise and give you a hint about what we are going to write here. Well, here you will find the most important information about the tool called SentiOne, our office gossips as well as interesting news from social media and internet marketing.

One of the main objectives of our blogging is to give you all sorts of information about our tools. We intend to systematically surprise you with the details of new SentiOne functionalities, share insights and give you tips on how to optimize social media listening. Thanks to the information available on the blog, we will be able to become an indispensable tool in your daily work.

SentiOne blog posts will include research, case studies and trivia from the social media world.

Stay tuned!