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Feature update — measure customer engagement with 1 click

Engagement rates are the currency of the social media marketing industry. They are the best way to tell what your audience wants to see on social media. The engagement rate is often used as a selling point in influencer marketing media kits, or to gauge a social campaign’s return on investment. 

We’re therefore extremely excited to announce that you can now easily track engagement rates in our social media analytics suite.

Engagement rate now available in SentiOne

The engagement rate is a metric that measures the average number of interactions on your social media content per follower. It’s the total number of interactions your content receives divided by your total number of followers and expressed as a percentage.


How is the engagement rate calculated? 

  • Facebook: (reactions + comments + shares) * 100% / number of followers
  • Instagram: (likes + comments) * 100% / number of followers
  • Twitter: (likes + retweets) * 100% / number of followers


Key benefits of measuring your engagement rate:

  • Discover best & worst performing posts by filtering by engagement rate
  • Compare the engagement of your audience across different social media channels
  • Analyse your competitors’ performance — look up their social media profiles in SentiOne
  • Evaluate performance of influencer marketing campaigns


What is a good engagement rate?

The definition of a “good” engagement rate differs from platform to platform. On average, they’re higher on Instagram, lower on Facebook, and the lowest on Twitter. However, there’s other factors than just the choice of platform. For instance, smaller accounts get higher engagement rates, while those with a larger following may struggle to maintain consistent results.


Average engagement rate benchmarks on different platforms:

0.5-2% on Facebook

1-3.5% on Instagram

0.02-0.09% on Twitter


How to look up engagement rates in SentiOne?

Engagement rates are visible to SentiOne users on Enterprise plans.  There’s no need to activate or unlock anything — the engagement rates are already visible in your Mentions and Analysis views. Here’s where you can find them:

Mentions View — sort by Engagement Rate

Analysis Dashboard — Engagement Rate Widget

Engagement Widget — Analyse any public Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account


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SentiOne can help you track and improve your engagement rates across major social media channels. Want to give it a try? Get in touch with us and book a demo today.