Customer Engagement

Focus on the customer! [FREE e-book]

The examples of cutting-edge brands show that it’s all about building long-term relationships. In the simple words, the trick is not only to meet new people but to keep them as friends. Nothing new here. You’ve also probably heard already that you need to show your human-self as a brand to acquire customers’ trust. Provide such an experience for your potential client that they will not only purchase but come back again and again.

To put words into actions and meet your business objectives, you should create a very detailed strategy. Make sure you focus on the customer at each stage of the lifecycle:

  1. Define the right audience (AWARENESS)
  2. Grab their attention (ACQUISITION)
  3. Get to know each other better (ENGAGEMENT)
  4. Provide the best shopping experience (SALES)
  5. Show that you are thankful and trustworthy (RETENTION)

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