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5 experts share how they use voice automation bots to offer customer service improvements

Are you aware that customers in the US are willing to pay 17% more to buy from brands that offer great customer service? This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the current market saturation. While it might be hard to differentiate your product from competition, offering an excellent customer experience is definitely one of the best ways to stand out! 

We have talked with 5 business experts and asked them what customer service improvements they achieved by using a voice automation bot. Take a look at what they said. 

5 top customer service improvements you can expect thanks to a voice automation bot

#1 Personalized customer relationships

Andrew Smith, Founder and Editor in Chief at CozySeating

We use voice bots to personalize customer relationships. Given the conversational nature of the technology, voice bots add a user-friendly dimension to the overall customer service experience. After all, as opposed to premeditated text-based interactions, we are more spontaneous in verbal interactions.

This results in a more positive customer service relationship. Since voice bots are driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, they learn from interactions and use that knowledge to improve their responses. In other words, they never stop learning and looking for new ways to have better experiences.

#2 Speedy responses to customer queries

Chris Nutbeen, Founder & CEO at Nuttifox 

We use voice automation bots for speedy and rapid responses. The speed at which we receive verbal feedback from a voicebot makes our interactions more immediate, effective, and human. After all, no discussion can be adequately leveraged if the information is not delivered quickly. Instantaneous responses are a necessity for any company that aims for high rates of client acquisition and retention.

#3 Tackling easy customer queries improves customer experience

Harriet Chan, Co-founder & Marketing Director at CocoFinder 

Technologically minded consumers use both text-based and voice-based messaging platforms. Through customer automation bots, we can provide them with seamless access to our services.

Conversational voice bots are the latest solution that we introduced into our sales and marketing stack. Their job is to reduce the load on those departments by taking care of replying to simpler and time-sensitive questions. That way, we leverage customer support automation to free up the team to focus on more demanding tasks that bots can’t take care of.

#4 Call steering and customer support hotline automation

Ravi Parikh, CEO, RoverPass

My business uses voicebots to manage our customer support hotline – they direct callers to the correct resource or service rep. We provide services for both RV campgrounds and people looking to book them. Since all our customers use the same support hotline, we utilize voicebots to direct them to the correct division. 

We also have menu options where customers can select whether they have a problem specific to their campground. This redirects the caller to the person running the campground – RoverPass is only a booking service. It saves us time answering calls from people who we can’t actually help.

#5 Improving the quality of customer interactions

Eden Cheng, Co-Founder at PeopleFinderFree 

Customer satisfaction is a persistent challenge for many businesses, including my own. But through personal experience, I have learned that the best way to achieve it is to make sure our support solutions meet the needs of our customers. The most common complaint, of course, has to do with wait times on the helpline.

However, ever since we introduced voice bots into our customer experience processes, we have been able to improve the quality of our customer interactions significantly. The biggest benefit they have brought to our business is probably the fact that they have helped us better optimize resources and also reduce expenses within our customer service department. 

This has been successfully accomplished through the automation of simple customer service interactions that used to be small yet time-consuming tasks that now no longer need constant intervention from our service team. 

As a result, our customers no longer need to have to speak with a team member as the voice bot is able to answer the most common queries. Moreover, our voice bots can also be utilized to support service agents, which allows them to also keep building their knowledge base with every customer interaction. So, should a new query be asked, the next time the bot will be ready with an answer. This, in turn, has helped us free up our customer service agents to focus their time and energy on dealing with more complex issues from customers that need more explanation or attention.


As our experts demonstrate, customer support automation in the form of voice bots can lead to significant service improvements. Not only do they free up customer support agents from mundane, repetitive tasks, but they also provide customers with speedy responses to their queries. This has a positive impact on the overall client experience, which in turn translates into higher profits. 

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