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Available modules

Currently, there are 14 modules available in the SentiOne application:

  1. Projects - a basic part of the application where you set up and manage the scope of your online monitoring (like keywords, sources, etc.) to get relevant online insights.
  2. Mentions - where you can browse and filter the results collected within a project.
  3. Analysis - where you get the specific charts with AI-based data analysis.
  4. Alerts - where you set and edit instant notices for new mentions in selected projects to stay up-to-date and avoid potential crises.
  5. PDF Reports - where you set up automated reports to download the overview of your project results.
  6. Advanced Analysis - where you can see the comparative analysis of different projects and markets.
  7. Threads - where you can respond to your client’s issues and manage online conversations on multiple channels straight from the tool.
  8. Authors - where you can review public information about the person who wrote comments about your brand.
  9. Performance reports - where the person responsible can generate service evaluation summaries for teams and specific users.
  10. Supervisor panel - where the team leader can manage online conversations, queues, and priorities in real time.
  11. Statuses - where you can adjust basic thread management workflow to your company’s internal process.
  12. Tags - where you can create, delete, edit, activate and deactivate mentions’ categorization to simplify further qualitative analysis.
  13. Accounts - where you can integrate social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more) to manage the results even faster.
  14. Users - where you can manage roles and permissions for users and teams.

Access to specific modules depends on your plan (click here to upgrade) and/or authorisations within the team.