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  • Option to use Reactions/Emojis while answering on Facebook
  • New Instagram API launch - option to authorise business Instagram account, merged with Facebook profile. Monitoring Insta Stories.
  • Keyword cloud optimisations. Option to export Keyword Cloud as XLS/CSV file. The number of appearances of words as part of the exported file. An additional feature to drill down to a specific word and generate separate keyword cloud for the selected word.  


  • Users can now hide posts and comments from authorised Facebook account via SentiOne React.
  • Omnichannel Customer Service Automation - the releaseof AI platform that makes it possible to create chatbots. Our unique NLU engine is using deep learning. Using the interface, it is possible to set up an advanced bot, integrate it with external systems, and publish on any of existing channel like voice, webchat, messenger, IVR.

October 2018

  • Redesigned Mentions module. New filtering and sorting options (for example by influence score or post type) and many usability changes like “hide filters” option.
  • New widget in Comparative Analysis - Sentiment Comparison. It allows you to compare sentiment share between different projects.

September 2018

  • New PDF Reports. We redesigned our PDF reports so they provide you with clear answers and insights.

You have 5 new templates available now:

  1. Brand Awareness report – to discover how your brand is perceived online,
  2. Comparative report – to compare industries, competitors, or projects,
  3. Article overview – to check your presence on the web apart from social media (portals, blogs, forums),
  4. Standard – a quick overview of results for one of your project.
  5. Results - to get a full list of mentions for qualitative analysis.

August 2018

  • Anomalies recognition - every morning our system calculates the number of mentions from the previous day for every project and compares it with the averages (based on model). This way it can easily spot any suspicious peaks in data. Thanks to that you don’t have to review mentions for each project every day – we will simply let you know when we find an anomaly for a brand, one of your competitors, or industry that you monitor.

July 2018

  • Brand Health Index - We’ve developed a brand new widget available in every dashboard – a simplified brand online performance gauge. It shows you how your topic is perceived online and gives you simple information about the average internet user opinion.

June 2018

  • Integration with Messenger Chatbot - we’ve built a custom solution that makes it possible to integrate Messenger Chatbot with SentiOne React. You can have both: a chatbot working on fanpage and great customer service provided by CS team when needed.
  • Influence Score - Our system calculates each mention, site, and author found within your project and gives it a score (from 1 to 10). This score is based on two things: how likely it is for the mention to be seen and how many times a mention has been viewed, shared or retweeted.
  • Project creation for authorised social accounts - authorise your account and create a project for it with just one click.

May 2018

  • Monitoring of Vietnamese language.
  • Reach extend - remember when you used the data from our Reach analysis in your measurements? When you checked your campaign performance, brand awareness, or credibility of potential influencer? Now imagine it got super-boosted! We’ve changed the architecture of our application to make the calculations even faster so that you get your results in the blink of an eye.

April 2018

  • Easier payment - we keep trying to not only to improve our product architecture but also to maintain our status of a really user-friendly tool. That’s why we spent some time past quarter improving our payment flow. Our top priority is to make life easier for you by supporting different payment methods (i.e. Sofort and AmEx) and currencies (like both pounds and dollars). Check our pricing to see what’s new!

March 2018

  • Instagram monitoring improvements - displaying more than one image, new Instagram filter, Instagram as a separate category - monitor Instagram and analyse it easily. All users can now authorise their Instagram account to make results from own channels immediately.
  • Photo gallery - See all the images, that appeared on the web when your brand has been mentioned, gathered in one place. Simply customise your Analysis by adding the Photo gallery widget (available under Mentions category).
  • Monitoring reviews from new source: itunes.apple.com

February 2018

  • Analysis automatically refreshed (always updated with new data), without need of manual refresh - when you create a new Analysis and choose one of fixed time periods (Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 3 months, Last 12 months, This month, This year) our system will calculate your results automatically and refresh your Analysis. You can still do manually but from now on it won’t be a necessity.
  • AI answers launch in SentiOne React - top-notch AI feature in SentiOne React panel. Based on historical responses and advanced natural language processing, our tool can now suggest answers in your online discussions. Our AI Assistant gets about 80% confidence so all it needs is a little human touch and expertise to save your webcare team’s valuable time.
  • Week histogram widget - With the new Week histogram you can identify the time when your audience mentions and contacts you the most, consequently helping you manage your resources better. Using this precise data you can prepare a very specific online audience analysis and optimise your online communication strategy.
  • Monitoring reviews from new sources: trustpilot.com, play.google.com

January 2018

  • Main menu redesign to improve app usage.
  • SentiOne React launch - users can respond on 70+ sources directly from the app (thread management, team management, performance reports, supervisor panel, routing, acceptance approval).

December 2017

  • Mobile apps update - many optimisations – user can protect their brand and engage with other users from around the world.

November 2017

  • Automatic update of mentions when new filters applied - manual refreshing the results is no more needed. System understands your changes and provide the results automatically.
  • Functionality to specify monitoring language while creating a project - depending on which market our client wishes to monitor and analyse, now it is possible to define it while creating projects within basic creator. Save your project to get UNLIMITED mentions from language you are interested in!
  • Possibility to create public Analysis and share with other - Online Dashboards..

October 2017

  • Facebook reactions available in SentiOne.
  • Possibility to convert projects to advanced configurator by just one click - not everyone is a hard user, especially in the beginning of the journey with a new tool. But while getting deeper and deeper it may be that even online monitoring amateur requires more advanced rules. Now it is finally quite easy to convert basic rules to advanced configurator and get access  to more powerful features.

September 2017

  • Mentions in time charts on Project List.

August 2017

  • New Project Creator launch - creating new projects just got easier.
  • Possibility to create project to monitor activity on own social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).