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Glossary contains definitions of key terms you will encounter while using SentiOne.

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Every action taken by a user in the system. It may be: mention assignment, status change, answer, etc.


For the system this is the nickname of the user on a portal where the statement was found. The system enables searching other statements by the same author.


Every mention can be assigned to a user in the system. Assignment usually means, that particular user should take care of the mention (i.e. reply, or process).


A piece of text-based media content published on the internet.



A piece of software intended to scan certain sources and retrieve mentions.

critical alert

An alert defined in the system, that will be send immediately after a mention meeting defined conditions is indexed by the system.


A statement published as an answer for another statement. Occurs on Facebook, blogs, forums and other online media.


Relevant text in the vicinity of a statement. In case of websites these are usually e.g. site’s name, thread’s name, article’s title, article’s content, content of the commented post on Facebook. Authors names are also considered as statement’s context.

conversation prism

A widget in the system showing relative sentiment for mentions on timeline.



A view to display widgets containing charts from selected project(s).



The process of making statements available in SentiOne database.



A word used in the search query. One of the rules during defining a project. These are the words which system searches for in order to match the statement with the project. SentiOne will show the results containing or not containing specified keywords. These can also be excluded words, i. e. words that disqualify the statement from the project.



Mentions are all statements fitting to any defined project. A single occurrence of content matching certain query, i.e. a single statement from Facebook containing certain keyword.



Text element that can be assigned by user to any thread in SentiOne React.


profile (author)

From the systems point of view it is the users nick used on the portal where certain mention was found. If user has the same nick on multiple portals, mentions are grouped using this nick, and available in “authors” menu in SentiOne.


Search query for SentiOne to search the mentions database and retrieve results. Projects in the SentiOne system define rules according to which the system searches for statements. They are defined in the Projects module. Every statement which the system “recorded” matches with at least one project. It is possible to filter statements during browsing according to projects.

publication time

A moment, when certain statement is being published on the internet.



A set of criteria within the project configuration that “tells” SentiOne how it should crawl the internet. Rules can include keywords, selected portals, authors and others.


A standardized set of permissions defined in the system. Roles can be assigned to users in order to extend or limit their privileges in SentiOne.


Message that can be written by user to any thread via system tools (if certain channel is authorized). A system user can reply to a statement (depending on a portal it can be a comment under a statement, under all comments or another post in a thread on a forum). For the SentiOne system a reply is also a statement but has a different business meaning, therefore it is advisable to use this term.


All mentions that are available in the system for certain project.


Estimated number of contacts with certain statement.



A sentiment indicates the overtone of a statement. It can be positive, negative or neutral. The sentiment is automatically attached to all statements, excluding articles and posts on blogs.

share of voice

The % comparison of the volume of mentions for more than 1 project.

social data

A set of meta information describing each single mention that is passed from the source, including: number of likes, number of shares, number of comments, retweets, etc.


Single utterance published on the internet. Every form of a statement in social media sites excluding articles and posts on a blog. The system classifies every comment on Facebook and every post on a forum as a statement. Other definitions (comment, post) are more or less appropriate but for the SentiOne system all comments are statements, therefore it is worth using this term.

social listening

An activity of monitoring and analysing content in social media.

source (channel)

A domain from which statements are retrieved. Statements appear in the SentiOne system by means of connections with social media API or web crawlers that extract data from HTML sites. In SentiOne sources are grouped into “source types” including: blogs, social media, online portals, reviews, etc.


Mentions generated either by script or bots. Irrelevant in terms of internet monitoring.



A collection of statements connected with the same opening statement. Statements which exist in the same context e.g. consecutive comments under a post on Facebook, the entire thread on a forum. A thread consists of both common statements and replies. Occurs on foras, facebook, blogs, etc.


A taxonomy element that can be used to group or categorize mentions. Every system user can attach different tags to statements (defined by authorized users). Statements can have one or more tags simultaneously. In the Mentions panel you can filter threads according to attached tags.



Dashboard element containing single chart or summary, that can be placed on dashboard to display data.